Queens College Academic Senate

Senate Committees

This is a support site for certain Academic Senate committees. For information about the Senate itself, go to The Senate Web Site.

Ad Hoc Committee on Pathways
The Ad Hoc Committee on Pathways was created by the Senate to develop the Queens College implementation plan for the CUNY Pathways initiative. The committee expired on April 1, 2012 when the College’s plan was approved by the Senate and submitted to the Chancellor.

The committee maintained a forum where anyone could follow the committee’s deliberations, and any member of the Queens College community could ask questions and make suggestions. That forum continues to be available for archival purposes: http://senate.qc.cuny.edu/pways.

The committee's website has more information about the committee’s work, including an archive of documents related to the process of developing the colleges implementation plan.

Chair of the committee was Christopher Vickery

Curriculum Matters
See also the General Education Office and the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee web sites.