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Queens College Academic Senate
Curriculum Matters

The Academic Senate of Queens College “is responsible, subject to the CUNY Board of Trustees, for the formulation of policy relating to the admission and retention of students, curriculum, granting of degrees, campus life, and the nomination of academic deans.”

This site supports the work of the Academic Senate’s various curriculum committees and subcomittees. It provides information about courses currently offered at Queens College, mechanisms for proposing new courses or changing existing courses, and a way to track those proposals through the approval process.


Approved General Education Courses
List of QC courses approved for Pathways requirements.
Scheduled General Education Courses
Select from past as well as present terms. Indicates “nearly full” enrollment indicators. Updated daily.
Course Information

Includes catalog information from CUNYfirst; general education requirements each course satisfies (if any); basis for general education approvals; course attributes; and enrollment histories. Updated daily.

Note: You can look up multiple courses at a time by using wildcards ( *, +, and ?) in the course number field.

College Option Calculator
Answer questions about a student’s history to determine how many College Option credits the student must complete at QC.

Proposal Processes

Track Proposals
View and track curriculum proposals.
General Education Proposal Guidelines
Guidelines for preparing proposals for CUNY Common Core and QC College Option designations.
Manage Proposals
Create, edit, submit, or delete your course and designation proposals.
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Review course syllabi stored on this site.
All syllabi are Copyright © Queens College of CUNY unless otherwise indicated.
GEAC Reviews
View individual comments from General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) recommendations.
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