Pathways: Literature

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Other Designation(s)
ACE 5W Great Works of Literature. RL
CLAS 150 Greek and Latin Classics in Translation. RL ET PI
CMLIT 101/101W/101H Global Literatures I.
Great Books I.
CMLIT 102/102W Global Literatures II.
Great Books II.
EAST 152 Korean Literature in Translation.
EAST 250 Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation. RL WC
EAST 251 Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation.
ENGL 151/151W Works of English Literature: A Course for Nonmajors.
Readings in British Literature.
ENGL 152/152W Works of American Literature: A Course for Nonmajors.
Readings in American Literature.
ENGL 157/157W Great Works of Global Literatures in English.
Readings in Global Literatures in English.
ENGL 161/161W Introduction to Narrative. RL
ENGL 162/162W Literature and Place. RL
ENGL 165W/165H Introduction to Poetry. RL CE
ENGL 251 British Literature Survey I. RL ET PI
ENGL 252 British Literature Survey II. RL ET
ENGL 253 American Literature Survey I. RL US
ENGL 254 American Literature Survey II.
ENGL 255 Global Literatures in English. RL WC
ENGL 311 Literature of the Anglo-Saxon Period. ET
ENGL 312 Medieval Literature, 1100-1500. ET
ENGL 313 The Arthurian Tradition. ET
ENGL 320 Early Modern Literature. ET
ENGL 321 Seventeenth-Century Literature. ET
ENGL 322 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature. ET
ENGL 330 Chaucer: The Early Works.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ENGL 331 Chaucer. ET
ENGL 332 Shakespeare I. ET
ENGL 333 Shakespeare II. ET
ENGL 334 Milton. ET
ENGL 340 English Drama From Its Beginnings to 1642.
Medieval and Early Modern Drama.
ENGL 344 The English Novel I.
The Eighteenth-Century Novel.
ENGL 349 Colonial American Literature.
ENGL 350 Topics in Early American Literature.
Early American Literature.
ENGL 351 Nineteenth-Century U.s. Literature.
ENGL 352 American Novel to 1918.
Late-Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century U.s. Literature.
ENGL 354 African American Literature I. US
ENGL 355 African American Literature II. US
ENGL 356 Literature of the American Indians. US
ENGL 358 Nineteenth-Century American Transcendentalism.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ENGL 359 Regionalism, Realism, and Naturalism in American Literature. US
ENGL 360 Vt: Latino/latina Literature.
ENGL 363 Vt: Global Literatures in English. WC
ENGL 364 Vt: African Literature and Culture.
ENGL 366 Introduction to Irish Literature. ET
ENGL 367 Modern Irish Literature. ET
ENGL 368W Vt: Irish Literature. ET
ENGL 369 Asian American Literature. WC
ENGL 377 Vt: Modern South Asian Literature. WC
ENGL 378 Vt: Caribbean Literature. WC
ENGL 379 Vt: Transnational/ Postcolonial/global Literature.
Vt: Transnational Post-Colonial Global Literature.
FREN 41/41W French and Francophone Literatures in Translation.
French and Francophoneliteratures in Translation.
FREN 205 Introduction to Literary Analysis. LANG WCGI
FREN 370 Topics in Francophone Literature. LANG WCGI
GERM 41/41W Masterpieces of German.
German Literature in Translation.
GRKMD 41W Modern Greek Literature in Translation. RL ET
GRKMD 335 Studies in Modern Greek Literature.
HEBRW 150 Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation. RL WC
HIST 229 Politics and Religion in Early Modern England and Ireland. RL ET PI
HTH 102 Freshman Humanities Colloquium.
ITAL 41/41W Masterpieces of Italian Literature in Translation.
Italian Literature in Translation.
MES 160 Classical Islamic Literature and Civilization. RL WC PI
RUSS 155/155W Keys to Russian Literature. RL ET
SPAN 41 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature in Translation. RL
SPAN 51 Hispanic-Jewish Literature in Translation. RL WC
SPAN 53/53W/53H Don Quixote in Translation. RL ET PI
SPAN 60 Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States. RL US