Perspectives: European Traditions

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Other Designation(s)
ACE 4 Art & Music Sem. AP US
ACE 15 Social Science Seminar I. CV PI
ARTH 101 History of Western Art I.
ARTH 102 History of Western Art II. CE
ARTH 110 Survey of Ancient Art. AP PI CE
ARTH 111 Survey of Medieval Art.
ARTH 112 Survey of Renaissance and Baroque Art.
ARTH 205 Art of Early Greece: Aegean Art.
ARTH 206 Art of Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic Greece.
ARTH 207 Roman Art.
ARTH 220 Renaissance Art and the Birth of Modernity. AP PI CE
ARTH 221 Early Renaissance Art in Italy, 1250-1400.
ARTH 222 Renaissance Art in Italy: The Fifteenth Century.
ARTH 223 Renaissance Art in Italy: The Sixteenth Century.
ARTH 229 Renaissance and Baroque Architecture.
ARTH 234 Baroque Art in Italy.
ARTH 246 European Art, 1789-1848.
ARTH 247 European Art, 1848-1900.
ARTH 250 Impressionism.
CLAS 150 Greek and Latin Classics in Translation. RL PI LIT
DRAM 207 Classical European Drama. AP PI
ENGL 151/151W Works of English Literature: A Course for Nonmajors.
Readings in British Literature.
ENGL 251 British Literature Survey I. RL PI LIT
ENGL 252 British Literature Survey II. RL LIT
ENGL 310 Vt: Studies in Non-Fiction Prose.
ENGL 311 Literature of the Anglo-Saxon Period. LIT
ENGL 312 Medieval Literature, 1100-1500. LIT
ENGL 313 The Arthurian Tradition. LIT
ENGL 320 Early Modern Literature. LIT
ENGL 321 Seventeenth-Century Literature. LIT
ENGL 322 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature. LIT
ENGL 323 British Romanticism.
ENGL 324 Victorian Poetry and Prose.
ENGL 330 Chaucer: The Early Works.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ENGL 331 Chaucer. LIT
ENGL 332 Shakespeare I. LIT
ENGL 333 Shakespeare II. LIT
ENGL 334 Milton. LIT
ENGL 340 English Drama From Its Beginnings to 1642.
Medieval and Early Modern Drama.
ENGL 341 Drama of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century.
ENGL 344 The English Novel I.
The Eighteenth-Century Novel.
ENGL 345 The Nineteenth-Century Novel.
ENGL 346 Early Twentieth-Century Fiction.
ENGL 365 Celtic Myth and Literature.
ENGL 366 Introduction to Irish Literature. LIT
ENGL 367 Modern Irish Literature. LIT
ENGL 368W Vt: Irish Literature. LIT
ENGL 380 Classical Backgrounds of Literature in English.
ENGL 381 The Literature of the Bible.
FREN 41/41W French and Francophone Literatures in Translation.
French and Francophoneliteratures in Translation.
FREN 45/45W French Civilization.
French and Francophone Cultures and Thought.
FREN 250/250W French and Francophone Film and Media. AP
GERM 41/41W Masterpieces of German.
German Literature in Translation.
GERM 250/250W German Film and Media. AP
GRKMD 41W Modern Greek Literature in Translation. RL LIT
GRKMD 250 Modern Greek Cinema.
Modern Greek Film and Media.
HIST 101/101W Early Modern Europe, 1500-1815.
Early Modern Europe 1500-1815.
HIST 102/102W Modern Europe, 1815 to the Present. SS WCGI
HIST 107 History of England to 1603. PI
HIST 108 History of Great Britain Since 1603.
HIST 109 Imperial Russia. PI
HIST 110 Soviet Union.
HIST 115 History of the Jewish People II. PI
HIST 116 History of the Jewish People IIi.
HIST 164/164H Vt: Topics in European History.
Vt: Social and Cultural History: Europe.
HIST 169 Vt: History and Memory: Europe. CV
HIST 209 The Byzantine Empire, 324-1025. PI
HIST 210 The Byzantine Empire, 1025-1453. PI
HIST 211 History of Christianity.
HIST 213 An Intellectual History of the Renaissance.
HIST 215 Europe in the Age of Reformation, 1517-1648. PI
HIST 216/216W The Old Regime: European Society and States. PI
HIST 217/217W The French Revolution.
HIST 218 Nineteenth-Century Europe.
HIST 222 Europe Since 1945.
HIST 225 England Under the Tudors and Stuarts. PI
HIST 227 Victorian England, 1815-1901.
HIST 228 20th Century Britain.
HIST 229 Politics and Religion in Early Modern England and Ireland. RL PI LIT
HIST 230 Ireland From the Norman Conquest to 1690. PI
HIST 231 Ireland Since 1690.
HIST 232 France Since 1815.
HIST 233 History of Modern Italy.
HIST 236 Germany From 1870 to the Present.
HIST 238 Eastern Europe Under Communist Rule.
HIST 239 History of Southeastern Europe, 1354 -1804. PI
HIST 240 History of Southeastern Europe, 1804 to the Present.
HIST 241 Modern Greek History, 1821-1923.
HIST 242 Modern Greek History, 1923 to the Present.
HIST 251 The Jews in Medieval Christendom.
HIST 252 Medieval Spanish Jewry.
HIST 253 The Jews in Early Modern Europe.
HIST 254 The Jews in Eastern Europe.
HIST 292 The Rise of Modern Science.
HIST 302 Studies in European Intellectual History.
HIST 303 Studies in the Italian Renaissance, 1300-1600. PI
HIST 305 The Industrial Revolution.
HIST 308 Women, Sex and Gender in Modern Europe.
HIST 310 Fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism.
HIST 312 The Holocaust.
HIST 313 The First World War.
HIST 314 The Second World War.
HIST 332 Colonialism and Culture.
HIST 352 History of the Celtic World. PI
HSS 200 Social Sciences and Society. SS IS
ITAL 41/41W Masterpieces of Italian Literature in Translation.
Italian Literature in Translation.
ITAL 45/45W Italian Civilization.
Italian Culture and Thought.
ITAL 250/250W Italian Film and Media. AP
MUSIC 1 Introduction to Music. AP CE
PHIL 101/101W Introduction to Philosophy. CV IS
PHIL 104/104W/104H Introduction to Ethics. CV IS
PHIL 116/116W Introduction to Philosophy of Religion. CV IS
PHIL 140 History of Ancient Philosophy. CV PI
PHIL 141 History of Medieval Philosophy.
PHIL 142 History of Renaissance Philosophy.
PHIL 143 History of Modern Philosophy I: Descartes to Hume.
PHIL 144 History of Modern Philosophy II: Kant to Nietzsche.
PHIL 145 History of Contemporary Philosophy I: Phenomenology and Existentialism.
PHIL 146 History of Contemporary Philosophy II: The Analytic Tradition.
PHIL 271 Nietzsche.
PSCI 105 Political Theory. CV IS
PSCI 234 Contemporary Western Europe. SS
PSCI 242 The Politics of the Welfare State.
PSCI 257 Western Europe in World Politics. SS
PSCI 270 Democracy.
PSCI 271 Core Concepts in Political Theory.
RUSS 155/155W Keys to Russian Literature. RL LIT
RUSS 244/244W Russian and East European Film and Media. AP
SPAN 53/53W/53H Don Quixote in Translation. RL PI LIT