Perspectives: Pre-Inductrial Society

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Other Designation(s)
ACE 15 Social Science Seminar I. CV ET
ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. SS WC WCGI
ANTH 103 Introduction to Archaeology. SS WC SW SCI
ARTH 110 Survey of Ancient Art. AP ET CE
ARTH 211 Early Christian and Byzantine Art.
ARTH 212 Early Medieval Art in Western Europe.
ARTH 214 Romanesque Art.
ARTH 215 Gothic Art.
ARTH 220 Renaissance Art and the Birth of Modernity. AP ET CE
ARTH 225 Early Netherlandish Painting.
ARTH 226 German Painting and Printmaking, 1400-1530.
ARTH 238 Baroque Art in Northern Europe.
ARTH 239 Seventeenth-Century Painting in France and Spain.
ARTH 240 The Eighteenth Century in Europe.
CLAS 150 Greek and Latin Classics in Translation. RL ET LIT
CMLIT 101/101W/101H Global Literatures I.
Great Books I.
DRAM 207 Classical European Drama. AP ET
ENGL 153/153W Introduction to the Bible. CV WC CE
ENGL 251 British Literature Survey I. RL ET LIT
FNES 157 Fashion History Origins Through the 19th Century.
HIST 101/101W Early Modern Europe, 1500-1815.
Early Modern Europe 1500-1815.
HIST 103/103W American History, 1607-1865. SS US USED
HIST 105/105W History of Latin America to 1825. WC
HIST 107 History of England to 1603. ET
HIST 109 Imperial Russia. ET
HIST 111 History of Africa. WC
HIST 112 Introduction to East Asian History. WC
HIST 113 Introduction to Ancient History.
HIST 114 History of the Jewish People I.
HIST 115 History of the Jewish People II. ET
HIST 121 Topics in Brazilian History.
HIST 140 China to 1500. WC
HIST 142 History of Japan. WC
HIST 144 Ancient India. WC
HIST 148 Islamic Civilization: 600-1517. WC
HIST 164/164H Vt: Topics in European History.
Vt: Social and Cultural History: Europe.
HIST 204 The Ancient Near East and Egypt.
HIST 205 Ancient Greece.
HIST 206 From Alexander to Caesar.
HIST 208 The Roman Empire.
HIST 209 The Byzantine Empire, 324-1025. ET
HIST 210 The Byzantine Empire, 1025-1453. ET
HIST 215 Europe in the Age of Reformation, 1517-1648. ET
HIST 216/216W The Old Regime: European Society and States. ET
HIST 225 England Under the Tudors and Stuarts. ET
HIST 229 Politics and Religion in Early Modern England and Ireland. RL ET LIT
HIST 230 Ireland From the Norman Conquest to 1690. ET
HIST 239 History of Southeastern Europe, 1354 -1804. ET
HIST 291 The Emergence of Science in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
HIST 303 Studies in the Italian Renaissance, 1300-1600. ET
HIST 311 Jewish Society in Islamic Lands, 632-1517.
HIST 352 History of the Celtic World. ET
MES 160 Classical Islamic Literature and Civilization. RL WC LIT
MUSIC 246/246W Music History I: Music From 1200 to 1650.
PHIL 140 History of Ancient Philosophy. CV ET
SPAN 53/53W/53H Don Quixote in Translation. RL ET LIT