Pathways: Science

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Other Designation(s)
ANTH 102 Introduction to Human Evolution. NS SW
ANTH 103 Introduction to Archaeology. SS WC PI SW
ASTR 1 General Astronomy. NS SW
ASTR 2 General Astronomy With Laboratory. NS+L LPS SW
ASTR 3 Introductory Astronomy With Laboratory. LPS
BIOL 11 Introduction to College Biology. NS+L LPS SW
BIOL 14 Introduction to Biology and Society. LPS
BIOL 22 Introduction to Human Physiology. NS
BIOL 24 Biology and Society. NS
BIOL 25 Biological Evolution. NS SW
BIOL 34 Genomics Research Experience I. NS+L
BIOL 35 Genomics Research Experience II. NS+L
BIOL 40 Anatomy and Physiology I. LPS SW
BIOL 41 Anatomy and Physiology II. LPS SW
BIOL 43 Anatomy & Physiology. LPS SW
BIOL 44 Food and Human Microbiology. LPS SW
BIOL 105 General Biology: Physiology and Cell Biology. NS+L LPS SW
BIOL 106 General Biology: Life-Forms and Ecosystems. NS+L LPS SW
CHEM 163 Chemistry in Modern Society. NS+L SW
CHEM 1011 Basic Chemistry Laboratory. LPS SW
CHEM 1013 Basic Chemistry. LPS SW
CHEM 1021 Basic Organic Chemistry Laboratory. LPS SW
CHEM 1023 Basic Organic Chemistry. LPS SW
CHEM 1031 Basic Biochemistry Laboratory. LPS SW
CHEM 1033 Basic Biochemistry. LPS SW
CHEM 1131 Introduction to Chemical Techniques. LPS SW
CHEM 1134 General Chemistry I. LPS SW
CHEM 1141 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. LPS SW
CHEM 1144 General Chemistry II. LPS SW
CHEM 2511 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I. LPS SW
CHEM 2514 Organic Chemistry I. LPS SW
CSCI 100 Information and Intelligence. NS SW
ENSCI 99 A Practical Guide to Environmental Choices. LPS
ENSCI 100 Our Planet in the 21st Century: Challenges to Humanity. NS+L US LPS SW
ENSCI 112 Our Changing Planet. SW
FNES 101 The Science of Foods. LPS SW
FNES 163 General Nutrition. NS SW
GEOL 8 Introduction to Oceanography. NS
GEOL 9 Environmental Issues and Answers.
Environmental Issues.
GEOL 11 Survey of Atmospheric Science. NS
GEOL 12 Natural Disasters. NS SW
GEOL 16 Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Moving Continents. NS SW
GEOL 25 Natural Resources and the Environment. NS SW
GEOL 77 Weather, Climate, and Climate Change. SW
GEOL 99 Planet Earth: Resources (And Hazards) for the 21st Century.
Planet Earth: Resources and (Hazards) for the 21st Century.
GEOL 101 Physical Geology. NS+L LPS SW
GEOL 102 Historical Geology. LPS SW
HNRS 225 Science and Technology in New York City. NS US SW
LCD 102 Analyzing Language. SW LANG
MNSCI 113 Contemporary Issues in the Sciences. NS SW
PHIL 225 Philosophy of the Natural Sciences. SW
PHYS 3 Physics of Musical Sound. SW
PHYS 5 Physics and the Future. NS WC
PHYS 7 Introduction to the Physics of Musical Sounds. NS
PHYS 11 Conceptual Physics Laboratory.
PHYS 14 Conceptual Physics.
Conceptual Physics Lec.
PHYS 103 Physics for Computer Science I. NS+L LPS SW
PHYS 204 Physics for Computer Science II. NS+L LPS SW
PHYS 1211 General Physics I Laboratory. LPS SW
PHYS 1214 General Physics I. LPS SW
PHYS 1221 General Physics II Laboratory. LPS SW
PHYS 1224 General Physics II. LPS SW
PHYS 1451 Principles of Physics I Laboratory. LPS SW
PHYS 1454 Principles of Physics I. LPS SW
PHYS 1461 Principles of Physics II Laboratory. LPS SW
PHYS 1464 Principles of Physics II. LPS SW
PSYCH 101 General Psychology. NS SW
PSYCH 103 Pleasure and Pain. NS SW
PSYCH 213W Experimental Psychology. LPS SW
PSYCH 252 Application of Behavior Analysis in Animal Training. LPS
SOC 212H Sociological Analysis. SS SW
SOC 235 Data and Society. SW