Perspectives: United States

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Other Designation(s)
ACCT 261 Business Law I. CV IS
ACE 4 Art & Music Sem. AP ET
AMST 110/110W Introduction to American Society and Culture. CV USED
ARTH 251 Art of the United States, Colonial Era to 1900.
ARTH 252 Art of the United States, 1900-1970.
ECON 100 Economics and Society. SS IS
ECON 101 Introduction to Macroeconomics. SS IS
ECON 102 Introduction to Microeconomics. SS IS
ENGL 152/152W Works of American Literature: A Course for Nonmajors.
Readings in American Literature.
ENGL 253 American Literature Survey I. RL LIT
ENGL 352 American Novel to 1918.
Late-Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century U.s. Literature.
ENGL 353 Mid-Twentieth and Twenty-First Century U.s. Literature.
ENGL 354 African American Literature I. LIT
ENGL 355 African American Literature II. LIT
ENGL 356 Literature of the American Indians. LIT
ENGL 358 Nineteenth-Century American Transcendentalism.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ENGL 359 Regionalism, Realism, and Naturalism in American Literature. LIT
ENSCI 100 Our Planet in the 21st Century: Challenges to Humanity. NS+L LPS SW SCI
HIST 103/103W American History, 1607-1865. SS PI USED
HIST 104/104W American History, 1865 to the Present. SS USED
HIST 163/163H Social and Cultural History.
Vt: Topics in U.s. History.
HIST 168 Vt: History and Memory: United States. CV
HIST 258 Colonial History of America.
HIST 259 The American Revolution and the Foundation of the Republic, 1763-1800.
HIST 260 The New Nation, 1800-1850.
HIST 262 Civil War and Reconstruction.
HIST 263 Urban-Industrial America, 1878-1920.
HIST 265/265W The United States, 1920-1945: Prosperity and Depression, New Deal, and World War II.
HIST 266/266W Contemporary America: 1945 to the Present.
HIST 267 Diplomatic History of the United States From the Revolutionary Period to the End of the 20th Century.
HIST 270 History of Women in the United States, Colonial to 1880.
HIST 271/271W History of Women in the United States, 1880 to the Present.
HIST 272 History of the Family in the United States.
HIST 273 American Labor History to World War I.
HIST 274 American Labor History From World War I to the Present.
HIST 276/276W The Immigrant in American History.
HIST 277 Afro-American History I.
HIST 278 Afro-American History II.
HIST 284 History of New York State.
HIST 285 History of the City of New York.
HIST 297 History of Italians in America.
HIST 299 The Vietnam War and America.
HIST 340 American Constitutional History to 1865.
HIST 341 American Constitutional History Since 1865.
HIST 342 African-American Women’s History.
HIST 343 History of the American City.
HIST 345 Race, Gender, and Poverty in Twentieth-Century America.
HIST 347 American Military History.
HIST 348 History of the Borough of Queens.
HIST 350 Studies in American and Social Intellectual History.
HIST 351 The American West.
HNRS 126W The Peopling of New York. SS USED
HNRS 225 Science and Technology in New York City. NS SW SCI
HNRS 226 Shaping the Future of New York City. SS IS
ITAST 100 Italian-Americans: An Interpretation of a People. CV
LCD 103 Multilingualism in the United States. CV USED
PHIL 148 History of American Philosophy.
PSCI 100/100H American Politics and Government. SS USED
PSCI 101 Introduction to Political Science. SS IS
PSCI 210 American State and Local Government. SS USED
PSCI 211 Urban Politics.
PSCI 212 The American Presidency.
PSCI 213 The Legislative Process in America.
PSCI 217 Decision-Making in the White House.
PSCI 218 Political Parties and Elections.
PSCI 219 Politics of Bureaucracy.
PSCI 220 Politics and the Media.
PSCI 221 Public Policy in the Political Process.
PSCI 222 Power in America.
PSCI 224 The Public Service.
PSCI 225 Women in Politics and Government.
PSCI 226 Capitalism and Democracy.
PSCI 228 American Politics and Film.
PSCI 262 United States Foreign Policy.
PSCI 273 American Political Thought.
PSCI 277 Black Political and Social Thought.
PSCI 280 The Judicial Process.
PSCI 281 Constitutional Law I: The American Federal Scheme.
PSCI 282 Constitutional Law II: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights.
PSCI 285 Race, Class, Gender, and Law.
PSCI 294 Internship in Legislative Politics.
PSCI 381W Seminar in American Politics.
SOC 103 Sociology of American Life. CV USED
SOC 211 Ethnic and Racial Relations. SS USED
SOC 215 Sociology of Education. SS IS
SOC 222 Social Welfare as a Social Institution. CV USED
SPAN 60 Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States. RL LIT
URBST 101 Urban Issues: Poverty and Affluence. SS USED
URBST 102 Making the City Work: Delivery of Public Services.
URBST 103 Urban Diversity. SS USED
URBST 105 Urban Politics. SS USED
URBST 107 Immigrant Communities in Queens. SS
URBST 113/113W Urban Subcultures and Life Styles.
Urban Subcultures and Lifestyles.
URBST 117 Introduction to Urban Education.
URBST 132 Health Services and Policy.
URBST 151 Neighborhoods in the City and Suburbs.
URBST 202 Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration.
URBST 204 Women in the City.
URBST 205/205W Urban Cultural Diversity.
URBST 207 Development of the American City.
URBST 210 Urban Social Movements.
URBST 212 Religion and Politics in Urban Society.
URBST 214 Urban Religious Movements.
URBST 216 Immigration in Metropolitan New York.
URBST 221 Making Public Policy.
URBST 223 Introduction to Public Administration.
URBST 225 Urban Criminal Justice System.
URBST 226 Drugs and Criminal Justice.
URBST 227 Law and Urban Society.
URBST 228 Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice.
URBST 232 Health Policy-Making.
URBST 233 Aids and Public Policy.
URBST 235 Urban Epidemics: Tb to Aids.
URBST 237 Social Welfare Policy.
URBST 240 Labor Unions and Industrial Relations.
URBST 243 Public Management.
URBST 244 Human Resource Management.
URBST 245/245W The Urban Economy.
URBST 246 Human Resource and Law.
URBST 247 Race, Ethnicity, and Public Policy.
URBST 252 The Changing Urban Environment.
URBST 254/254W Urban Transport.
Urban Transportation.
URBST 256 Land-Use Planning.
URBST 257 Public Budgeting.
URBST 310/310W Community Organization and Advocacy.
Community Organization.