Perspectives: World Cultures

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Other Designation(s)
ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. SS PI WCGI
ANTH 103 Introduction to Archaeology. SS PI SW SCI
ANTH 104 Language, Culture, and Society. CV IS
ARTH 1 Introduction to Art. CE
ARTH 113 Survey of Modern Art. CE
ARTH 114 Survey of Asian Art. CE
ARTH 115 Principles of Architecture.
ARTH 203 Art and Archaeology of the Ancient Near East.
ARTH 204 Art of Ancient Egypt.
ARTH 254W Twentieth-Century Art.
ARTH 255 Late Modern and Contemporary Art.
ARTH 257 History of Modern Sculpture.
ARTH 258 History of Photography. CE
ARTH 259 Modern Architecture.
ARTH 270 Art of India.
ARTH 271 Art and Architecture of Southeast Asia.
ARTH 272 Art of China.
ARTH 273 Art of Japan.
ARTH 274 Art of Korea.
ARTH 277 Buddhist Art and Architecture.
ARTH 278 Chinese Painting.
ARTH 280 Art and Architecture of Ancient Mesoamerica.
ARTH 282 Art and Architecture of the Andes.
ARTH 284 Post-Conquest Art of Latin America.
ARTH 286 African Art.
ARTS 185 Contemporary Art in a Global Society. AP
CMLIT 101/101W/101H Global Literatures I.
Great Books I.
CMLIT 102/102W Global Literatures II.
Great Books II.
DANCE 150 Introduction to Dance. AP CE
EAST 250 Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation. RL LIT
EDUCN 105 Education in Global Times: Radical to Conservative Agendas. CV WCGI
ENGL 153/153W Introduction to the Bible. CV PI CE
ENGL 255 Global Literatures in English. RL LIT
ENGL 363 Vt: Global Literatures in English. LIT
ENGL 369 Asian American Literature. LIT
ENGL 377 Vt: Modern South Asian Literature. LIT
ENGL 378 Vt: Caribbean Literature. LIT
ENGL 379 Vt: Transnational/ Postcolonial/global Literature.
Vt: Transnational Post-Colonial Global Literature.
HEBRW 150 Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation. RL LIT
HIST 105/105W History of Latin America to 1825. PI
HIST 106/106W History of Latin America, 1825 to the Present.
HIST 111 History of Africa. PI
HIST 112 Introduction to East Asian History. PI
HIST 125 World Civilizations to 1715.
HIST 126 World Civilizations Since 1715.
HIST 140 China to 1500. PI
HIST 141 China After 1500.
HIST 142 History of Japan. PI
HIST 144 Ancient India. PI
HIST 145 Modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
HIST 146 The History of the Middle East: Eighteenth-Century.
HIST 147 The Modern Middle East:1789-1923.
HIST 148 Islamic Civilization: 600-1517. PI
HIST 149 Islamic Civilization: 1517-Present.
HIST 160 Global History: World.
Vt: Topics in Global History.
HIST 166 Vt: History and Memory. CV IS
HIST 294 Topics in Brazilian History.
HIST 315 War and Society.
MES 160 Classical Islamic Literature and Civilization. RL PI LIT
PHIL 118 Introduction to Eastern Philosophy.
PHIL 264 The Philosophy of Plato.
PHYS 5 Physics and the Future. NS SCI
PSCI 103 Comparative Politics. SS WCGI
PSCI 104 International Politics. SS WCGI
PSCI 230 Politics of Development.
PSCI 232 Comparative Political Economy.
PSCI 233 Transitions to Democracy.
PSCI 235 Politics of Russia and Soviet Successor States.
PSCI 238 Contemporary Asia. SS
PSCI 239 Politics of Latin America.
PSCI 240 Contemporary Middle East.
PSCI 244 Comparative Analysis of Revolutions.
PSCI 254 The Politics of the International Economy.
PSCI 258 Asia in World Politics.
PSCI 259 Latin America in World Politics.
PSCI 260 The Middle East in World Politics.
PSCI 261 Russia in World Politics.
SPAN 45/45W Hispanic Civilization. CV WCGI
SPAN 51 Hispanic-Jewish Literature in Translation. RL LIT