Pathways: World Cultures and Global Issues

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Other Designation(s)
ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. SS WC PI
CMLIT 101/101W/101H Global Literatures I.
Great Books I.
CMLIT 206 Literature and Conflict.
CMLIT 208 Literature and Society in North Africa and the Middle East.
CMLIT 210 The Early Modern Atlantic World.
CMLIT 225 Literature and Anthropology.
CMLIT 229/229W Women in Modern World Literature.
CMLIT 230 African Literatures.
CMLIT 231 African Literatures in a World Context.
CMLIT 242 Francophone Literature in a World Context.
DANCE 151 Dance and Culture: Dancing Values. CV
DRAM 1 Introduction to Drama and Theatre. AP
EDUCN 105 Education in Global Times: Radical to Conservative Agendas. CV WC
ENGL 157/157W Great Works of Global Literatures in English.
Readings in Global Literatures in English.
FREN 45/45W French Civilization.
French and Francophone Cultures and Thought.
FREN 203 Intermediate French I. LANG
FREN 204 French Composition and Grammar I. LANG
FREN 205 Introduction to Literary Analysis. LANG LIT
FREN 223 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics. LANG
FREN 370 Topics in Francophone Literature. LANG LIT
GERM 204 Intermediate German II. LANG
GERM 223 Conversation, Level I.
Conversation Level I.
GRKMD 203 Intermediate Modern Greek I. LANG
GRKMD 204 Intermediate Modern Greek II. LANG
GRKMD 223 Modern Greek Conversation. LANG
HIST 101/101W Early Modern Europe, 1500-1815.
Early Modern Europe 1500-1815.
HIST 102/102W Modern Europe, 1815 to the Present. SS ET
HIST 160 Global History: World.
Vt: Topics in Global History.
ITAL 45/45W Italian Civilization.
Italian Culture and Thought.
ITAL 203 Intermediate Italian I. LANG
ITAL 204 Intermediate Italian II. LANG
KOR 305 Advanced Korean I. LANG
KOR 306 Advanced Korean II. LANG
PORT 203 Intermediate Portuguese I. LANG
PSCI 103 Comparative Politics. SS WC
PSCI 104 International Politics. SS WC
SPAN 45/45W Hispanic Civilization. CV WC
SPAN 201 Spanish for Heritage Speakers IIi. LANG
SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish I. LANG
SPAN 204 Intermediate Spanish II. LANG
SPAN 221 Language Workshop for Spanish Heritage Students. LANG
SPAN 222 Language Workshop for Non-Spanish Heritage Students. LANG
SPAN 225 Composition. LANG
URBST 326 Cities and Diasporas.