Pathways: Language

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Other Designation(s)
ANTH 108 Introduction to Language.
ARAB 101 Elementary Arabic I.
ARAB 102 Elementary Arabic II.
ARAB 203 Intermediate Arabic I.
ARAB 204 Intermediate Arabic II.
ARAB 305 Advanced Arabic I.
ARAB 306 Advanced Arabic II.
ARAM 205 Aramaic for Readers of Hebrew.
CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese I.
CHIN 102 Elementary Chinese II.
CHIN 203 Intermediate Chinese I.
CHIN 204 Intermediate Chinese II.
CHIN 210 Business Chinese I.
CHIN 211 Business Chinese II.
CHIN 250 Introduction to Classical Chinese I.
CHIN 251 Introduction to Classical Chinese II.
CHIN 311 Advanced Modern Chinese.
CHIN 312 Advanced Classical Chinese.
CHIN 314 Chinese Grammar, Rhetoric, and Composition.
CHIN 315 Writing Modern Chinese.
CHIN 317 Introduction to Formal Chinese Linguistics.
CHIN 318 Introduction to Applied Chinese Linguistics.
CHIN 320 Chinese Drama.
CHIN 330 The Chinese Essay.
CHIN 340 Readings From Chinese History.
CHIN 350 Vt: Chinese Fiction.
CHIN 358 The Working of the Chinese Media.
CHIN 360 Traditional Chinese Literature.
CHIN 370 Chinese Short Story.
FREN 111 Elementary French I.
FREN 112 Elementary French II.
FREN 203 Intermediate French I. WCGI
FREN 204 French Composition and Grammar I. WCGI
FREN 205 Introduction to Literary Analysis. LIT WCGI
FREN 206 Introduction to French Literature.
FREN 223 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics. WCGI
FREN 224 Advanced French Grammar.
FREN 225 French Composition and Grammar II.
FREN 228 Advanced Literary Analysis.
FREN 231 Skills and Art of Translation.
FREN 235 Business French.
FREN 320 Vt: Topics in Early French Literature.
Topics in Early French Literature.
FREN 340 Vt: Topics in Seventeenth Century French Literature.
Topics in Seventeenth Century French Literature.
FREN 345 Vt: Topics in Eighteenth Century French Literature.
Topics in Eighteenth Century French Literature.
FREN 350 French Novel of the Nineteenth Century.
FREN 360 French and Francophone Novel Since 1900.
FREN 363 French Poetry of the Nineteenth Century.
FREN 367 Vt: Topics in French and Francophone Literature Since 1900.
Topics in French and Francophone Literature Since 1900.
FREN 370 Topics in Francophone Literature. LIT WCGI
FREN 375 Contempory French Literary Theory.
Contemporary French Literary Theory.
FREN 380 Vt: Women’s Writing in French.
Women’s Writing in French.
FREN 385 Vt: Seminar.
GERM 109 Intensive German I-II.
GERM 110 Intensive German IIi-Iv.
GERM 111 Elementary German I.
GERM 112 Elementary German II.
GERM 203 Intermediate German I.
GERM 204 Intermediate German II. WCGI
GERM 223 Conversation, Level I.
Conversation Level I.
GERM 224 Advanced Grammar and Stylistics, Level II.
GERM 228 Advanced Conversation and Composition, Level II.
GERM 235 German for Business and Industry.
GERM 236 German Media of Today.
GERM 321 Early German Literature.
GERM 324 German Enlightenment.
GERM 325 The Age of Goethe.
GERM 326 Romanticism.
GERM 331 The Geramn Theatre:from Lessing to Heiner Muller.
The German Theatre: From Lessing to Heiner Muller.
GERM 333 German Novels.
GERM 335 German Poetry.
GERM 350 German Literature in the Industrial Age: From Buchner to Fontane.
GERM 360 German Literature and Modernity:from Wedekind to the Present.
German Literature and Modernity: From Wedekind to the Present.
GREEK 251 Elementary Ancient Greek I.
GREEK 252 Elementary Ancient Greek II.
GREEK 351 Euripides.
GREEK 352 Plato.
GREEK 357 Homer.
GRKMD 111 Elementary Modern Greek I.
GRKMD 112 Elementary Modern Greek II.
GRKMD 203 Intermediate Modern Greek I. WCGI
GRKMD 204 Intermediate Modern Greek II. WCGI
GRKMD 223 Modern Greek Conversation. WCGI
GRKMD 228 Advanced Grammar and Composition.
GRKMD 231 Modern Greek Translation.
GRKMD 305 Modern Greek Literature I.
GRKMD 306 Modern Greek Literature II.
GRKMD 321 Survey of Modern Greek Literature I:eighteenth Century to 1880.
Survey of Modern Greek Literature I: Eighteenth Century to 1880.
GRKMD 322 Survey of Modern Greek Literature II: 1180-1930.
Survey of Modern Greek Literature II: 1880 to 1930.
GRKMD 323 Survey of Modern Greek IIi: 1930 to Present.
Survey of Modern Greek Literature IIi: 1930 to Present.
GRKMD 330 Early Modern Greek Literature: Fourteenth to Seventeenth Century.
HEBRW 101 Elementary Hebrew I.
HEBRW 102 Elementary Hebrew II.
HEBRW 203 Intermediate Hebrew I.
HEBRW 204 Intermediate Hebrew II.
HEBRW 305 Advanced Modern Hebrew.
HEBRW 307 Clkassical Hebrew.
Classical Hebrew.
HEBRW 311 Hebrew Conversation.
HEBRW 315 Hebrew Writing Workshop.
Hebrew Writing Workshop: Free Writing, Poetry, and Prose.
HEBRW 317 Skills and Art of Translation.
HEBRW 321 Readings From the Torah.
HEBRW 352 Modern Hebrew Literature: 1880-1947.
Modern Hebrew Literature:1880-1947.
HEBRW 356 Modern Hebrew Literature: 1948 to Present Day.
Modern Hebrew Literature: 1948 to the Present Day.
HEBRW 358 The Modern Hebrew Media.
HEBRW 361 History of the Hebrew Language.
HEBRW 362 Hebrew Root Studies.
IRST 101 Elementary Irish I.
IRST 102 Elementary Irish II.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ITAL 111 Elementary Italian I.
ITAL 112 Elementary Italian II.
ITAL 203 Intermediate Italian I. WCGI
ITAL 204 Intermediate Italian II. WCGI
ITAL 223 Advanced Conversation.
ITAL 224 Advanced Grammar.
ITAL 228 Advanced Composition (Dissertation and Explication of Texts).
ITAL 231 Skills and Art of Translation I.
ITAL 232 Skills and Art of Translation II.
ITAL 235 Commercial and Technical Italian.
ITAL 329 Textual Analysis.
ITAL 336 The Italian Language.
ITAL 345 Studies in Medieval Literature I: Dante.
ITAL 346 Studies in Medieval Literature II: Poetry.
ITAL 347 Studies in Medieval Literature IIi: Prose.
ITAL 355 Studies in Renaissance Literature I: Theatre.
ITAL 356 Studies in Renaissance Literature II: Poetry.
ITAL 357 Studies in Renaissance Literature IIi: Prose.
ITAL 361 Studies in Modern Literature I: Theatre.
ITAL 362 Studies in Modern Literature II: Poetry.
ITAL 364 Studies in Modern Literature IIi: Prose.
JPNS 101 Elementary Japanese I.
JPNS 102 Elementary Japanese II.
JPNS 203 Intermediate Japanese I.
JPNS 204 Intermediate Japanese II.
JPNS 211 Classical Japanese I.
JPNS 212 Classical Japanese II.
JPNS 305 Advanced Modern Japanese I.
JPNS 306 Advanced Modern Japanese II.
JPNS 311 Advanced Texts I.
JPNS 312 Advanced Texts II.
KOR 101 Elementary Korean I.
KOR 102 Elementary Korean II.
KOR 203 Intermediate Korean I.
KOR 204 Intermediate Korean II.
KOR 305 Advanced Korean I. WCGI
KOR 306 Advanced Korean II. WCGI
KOR 360 Readings in Korean.
KOR 370 Advanced Korean Through Film.
LATIN 101 Elementary Latin.
LATIN 102 Intermediate Latin.
LATIN 203 Roman Prose.
LATIN 204 Roman Poetry.
LATIN 315 Latin Prose Composition.
Latin Prose Composition I.
LCD 101 Introduction to Language.
LCD 102 Analyzing Language. SW SCI
PORT 111 Elementary Portuguese I.
PORT 112 Elementary Portuguese II.
PORT 203 Intermediate Portuguese I. WCGI
PORT 204 Intermediate Portuguese II.
RUSS 111 Elementary Russian I.
RUSS 112 Elementary Russian II.
RUSS 203 Intermediate Russian I.
RUSS 204 Intermediate Russian II.
RUSS 215 Advanced Intermediate Russian I.
RUSS 225 Advanced Intermediate Russian II.
SPAN 111 Elem Spanish 1.
Elementary Spanish I.
SPAN 112 Elementary Spanish II.
SPAN 114 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I.
SPAN 115 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II.
SPAN 201 Spanish for Heritage Speakers IIi. WCGI
SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish I. WCGI
SPAN 204 Intermediate Spanish II. WCGI
SPAN 215 Spanish Conversation.
SPAN 221 Language Workshop for Spanish Heritage Students. WCGI
SPAN 222 Language Workshop for Non-Spanish Heritage Students. WCGI
SPAN 224 Grammar.
SPAN 225 Composition. WCGI
SPAN 240 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies.
SPAN 250 Survey of Spanish Literature I.
SPAN 260 Survey of Spanish Literature II.
SPAN 280 Survey of Spanish-American Literature I.
SPAN 290 Survey of Spanish American Literature II.
SPAN 310 The Culture and Civilization of Spain.
SPAN 312 The Culture and Civilization of Latin America.
SPAN 390 Hispanic Literature Seminar.
YIDD 101 Elementary Yiddish I.
YIDD 102 Elementary Yiddish II.
YIDD 203 Intermediate Yiddish I.
YIDD 204 Intermediate Yiddish II.
YIDD 210 Intermediate Conversational Yiddish.