Approved Pathways Courses

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Approval data last updated December 11, 2019.
CUNYfirst catalog data last updated January 23, 2020.

Course Course Title (with variants). Designation(s) Other Designation(s)
ACCT 261 Business Law I. IS CV US
ACE 5W Great Works of Literature. LIT RL
AMST 110/110W Introduction to American Society and Culture. USED CV US
ANTH 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. WCGI SS WC PI
ANTH 102 Introduction to Human Evolution. SW SCI NS
ANTH 103 Introduction to Archaeology. SW SCI SS WC PI
ANTH 104 Language, Culture, and Society. IS CV WC
ANTH 108 Introduction to Language. LANG
ANTH 288 Voices of New York.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ANTH 354 Time. SYN
ANTH 364 Anthropological Genomics.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ANTH 375 The Human-Primate Interface. SYN
ARAB 101 Elementary Arabic I. LANG
ARAB 102 Elementary Arabic II. LANG
ARAB 203 Intermediate Arabic I. LANG
ARAB 204 Intermediate Arabic II. LANG
ARAB 305 Advanced Arabic I. LANG
ARAB 306 Advanced Arabic II. LANG
ARAM 205 Aramaic for Readers of Hebrew. LANG
ARTH 1 Introduction to Art. CE WC
ARTH 102 History of Western Art II. CE ET
ARTH 110 Survey of Ancient Art. CE AP ET PI
ARTH 113 Survey of Modern Art. CE WC
ARTH 114 Survey of Asian Art. CE WC
ARTH 220 Renaissance Art and the Birth of Modernity. CE AP ET PI
ARTH 256 Contemporary Art Practices. CE AP
ARTH 258 History of Photography. CE WC
ARTS 333 Introduction to Socially Engaged Art Practice. CE
ARTS 388 Becoming Insect. CE
ASTR 1 General Astronomy. SW SCI NS
ASTR 2 General Astronomy With Laboratory. LPS SW SCI NS+L
ASTR 3 Introductory Astronomy With Laboratory. LPS SCI
BIOL 11 Introduction to College Biology. LPS SW SCI NS+L
BIOL 13 Writing in the Sciences- Life Science Themes. EC-2
BIOL 14 Introduction to Biology and Society. LPS SCI
BIOL 22 Introduction to Human Physiology. SCI NS
BIOL 24 Biology and Society. SCI NS
BIOL 25 Biological Evolution. SW SCI NS
BIOL 34 Genomics Research Experience I. SCI NS+L
BIOL 35 Genomics Research Experience II. SCI NS+L
BIOL 40 Anatomy and Physiology I. LPS SW SCI
BIOL 41 Anatomy and Physiology II. LPS SW SCI
BIOL 43 Anatomy & Physiology. LPS SW SCI
BIOL 44 Food and Human Microbiology. LPS SW SCI
BIOL 105 General Biology: Physiology and Cell Biology. LPS SW SCI NS+L
BIOL 106 General Biology: Life-Forms and Ecosystems. LPS SW SCI NS+L
BIOL 352 Anthropological Genomics. SYN
CHEM 163 Chemistry in Modern Society. SW SCI NS+L
CHEM 1011 Basic Chemistry Laboratory. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1013 Basic Chemistry. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1021 Basic Organic Chemistry Laboratory. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1023 Basic Organic Chemistry. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1031 Basic Biochemistry Laboratory. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1033 Basic Biochemistry. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1131 Introduction to Chemical Techniques. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1134 General Chemistry I. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1141 Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 1144 General Chemistry II. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 2511 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I. LPS SW SCI
CHEM 2514 Organic Chemistry I. LPS SW SCI
CHIN 101 Elementary Chinese I. LANG
CHIN 102 Elementary Chinese II. LANG
CHIN 203 Intermediate Chinese I. LANG
CHIN 204 Intermediate Chinese II. LANG
CHIN 210 Business Chinese I. LANG
CHIN 211 Business Chinese II. LANG
CHIN 250 Introduction to Classical Chinese I. LANG
CHIN 251 Introduction to Classical Chinese II. LANG
CHIN 311 Advanced Modern Chinese. LANG
CHIN 312 Advanced Classical Chinese. LANG
CHIN 314 Chinese Grammar, Rhetoric, and Composition. LANG
CHIN 315 Writing Modern Chinese. LANG
CHIN 317 Introduction to Formal Chinese Linguistics. LANG
CHIN 318 Introduction to Applied Chinese Linguistics. LANG
CHIN 320 Chinese Drama. LANG
CHIN 330 The Chinese Essay. LANG
CHIN 340 Readings From Chinese History. LANG
CHIN 350 Vt: Chinese Fiction. LANG
CHIN 358 The Working of the Chinese Media. LANG
CHIN 360 Traditional Chinese Literature. LANG
CHIN 370 Chinese Short Story. LANG
CLAS 150 Greek and Latin Classics in Translation. LIT RL ET PI
CMLIT 100 Writing About World Literature. EC-2
CMLIT 101/101W/101H Global Literatures I.
Great Books I.
CMLIT 102/102W Global Literatures II.
Great Books II.
CMLIT 205 Modern Poetry. CE
CMLIT 206 Literature and Conflict. WCGI
CMLIT 208 Literature and Society in North Africa and the Middle East. WCGI
CMLIT 210 The Early Modern Atlantic World. WCGI
CMLIT 215/215W Topics in Modern Literature. CE
CMLIT 225 Literature and Anthropology. WCGI
CMLIT 229/229W Women in Modern World Literature. WCGI
CMLIT 230 African Literatures. WCGI
CMLIT 231 African Literatures in a World Context. WCGI
CMLIT 242 Francophone Literature in a World Context. WCGI
CSCI 12 Introduction to Computers and Computation. MQR
CSCI 48 Spreadsheet Programming. MQR
CSCI 100 Information and Intelligence. SW SCI NS
CSCI 111 Introduction to Algorithmic Problem-Solving.
Introduction to Algorithmic Problem Solving.
CSCI 112 Introduction to Algorithmic Problem Solving in Java. MQR
CSCI 211 Object-Oriented Programming in C++. MQR
CSCI 212 Object-Oriented Programming in Java. MQR
DANCE 150 Introduction to Dance. CE AP WC
DANCE 151 Dance and Culture: Dancing Values. WCGI CV
DANCE 381 Collaborative Workshop in Dance and Theatre. SYN
DRAM 1 Introduction to Drama and Theatre. WCGI AP
DRAM 100 Introduction to Acting. CE AP
DRAM 111 Introduction to Theater Design. CE AP
DRAM 130 Writing About Performance. EC-2
DRAM 302 Dramatizing Science. SYN
DRAM 381 Collaborative Workshop in Dance and Theatre. SYN
EAST 152 Korean Literature in Translation. LIT
EAST 250 Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation. LIT RL WC
EAST 251 Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation. LIT
ECON 100 Economics and Society. IS SS US
ECON 101 Introduction to Macroeconomics. IS SS US
ECON 102 Introduction to Microeconomics. IS SS US
EDUCN 105 Education in Global Times: Radical to Conservative Agendas. WCGI CV WC
ENGL 110/110H College Writing I. EC-1
ENGL 130/130H Writing About Literature in English. EC-2
ENGL 151/151W Works of English Literature: A Course for Nonmajors.
Readings in British Literature.
ENGL 152/152W Works of American Literature: A Course for Nonmajors.
Readings in American Literature.
ENGL 153/153W Introduction to the Bible. CE CV WC PI
ENGL 157/157W Great Works of Global Literatures in English.
Readings in Global Literatures in English.
ENGL 161/161W Introduction to Narrative. LIT RL
ENGL 162/162W Literature and Place. LIT RL
ENGL 165W/165H Introduction to Poetry. CE LIT RL
ENGL 251 British Literature Survey I. LIT RL ET PI
ENGL 252 British Literature Survey II. LIT RL ET
ENGL 253 American Literature Survey I. LIT RL US
ENGL 254 American Literature Survey II. LIT
ENGL 255 Global Literatures in English. LIT RL WC
ENGL 311 Literature of the Anglo-Saxon Period. LIT ET
ENGL 312 Medieval Literature, 1100-1500. LIT ET
ENGL 313 The Arthurian Tradition. LIT ET
ENGL 320 Early Modern Literature. LIT ET
ENGL 321 Seventeenth-Century Literature. LIT ET
ENGL 322 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature. LIT ET
ENGL 330 Chaucer: The Early Works.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ENGL 331 Chaucer. LIT ET
ENGL 332 Shakespeare I. LIT ET
ENGL 333 Shakespeare II. LIT ET
ENGL 334 Milton. LIT ET
ENGL 340 English Drama From Its Beginnings to 1642.
Medieval and Early Modern Drama.
ENGL 344 The English Novel I.
The Eighteenth-Century Novel.
ENGL 349 Colonial American Literature. LIT
ENGL 350 Topics in Early American Literature.
Early American Literature.
ENGL 351 Nineteenth-Century U.s. Literature. LIT
ENGL 352 American Novel to 1918.
Late-Nineteenth- and Early-Twentieth-Century U.s. Literature.
ENGL 354 African American Literature I. LIT US
ENGL 355 African American Literature II. LIT US
ENGL 356 Literature of the American Indians. LIT US
ENGL 358 Nineteenth-Century American Transcendentalism.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ENGL 359 Regionalism, Realism, and Naturalism in American Literature. LIT US
ENGL 360 Vt: Latino/latina Literature. LIT
ENGL 363 Vt: Global Literatures in English. LIT WC
ENGL 364 Vt: African Literature and Culture. LIT
ENGL 366 Introduction to Irish Literature. LIT ET
ENGL 367 Modern Irish Literature. LIT ET
ENGL 368W Vt: Irish Literature. LIT ET
ENGL 369 Asian American Literature. LIT WC
ENGL 377 Vt: Modern South Asian Literature. LIT WC
ENGL 378 Vt: Caribbean Literature. LIT WC
ENGL 379 Vt: Transnational/ Postcolonial/global Literature.
Vt: Transnational Post-Colonial Global Literature.
ENSCI 99 A Practical Guide to Environmental Choices. LPS SCI
ENSCI 100 Our Planet in the 21st Century: Challenges to Humanity. LPS SW SCI NS+L US
ENSCI 112 Our Changing Planet. SW SCI
EURO 120 Writing About European Literature and Culture. EC-2
FNES 101 The Science of Foods. LPS SW SCI
FNES 158 Fashion History From the 20th Century to the Present. IS
FNES 163 General Nutrition. SW SCI NS
FREN 41/41W French and Francophone Literatures in Translation.
French and Francophoneliteratures in Translation.
FREN 45/45W French Civilization.
French and Francophone Cultures and Thought.
FREN 111 Elementary French I. LANG
FREN 112 Elementary French II. LANG
FREN 203 Intermediate French I. LANG WCGI
FREN 204 French Composition and Grammar I. LANG WCGI
FREN 205 Introduction to Literary Analysis. LANG LIT WCGI
FREN 206 Introduction to French Literature. LANG
FREN 223 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics. LANG WCGI
FREN 224 Advanced French Grammar. LANG
FREN 225 French Composition and Grammar II. LANG
FREN 228 Advanced Literary Analysis. LANG
FREN 231 Skills and Art of Translation. LANG
FREN 235 Business French. LANG
FREN 320 Vt: Topics in Early French Literature.
Topics in Early French Literature.
FREN 340 Vt: Topics in Seventeenth Century French Literature.
Topics in Seventeenth Century French Literature.
FREN 345 Vt: Topics in Eighteenth Century French Literature.
Topics in Eighteenth Century French Literature.
FREN 350 French Novel of the Nineteenth Century. LANG
FREN 360 French and Francophone Novel Since 1900. LANG
FREN 363 French Poetry of the Nineteenth Century. LANG
FREN 367 Vt: Topics in French and Francophone Literature Since 1900.
Topics in French and Francophone Literature Since 1900.
FREN 370 Topics in Francophone Literature. LANG LIT WCGI
FREN 375 Contempory French Literary Theory.
Contemporary French Literary Theory.
FREN 380 Vt: Women’s Writing in French.
Women’s Writing in French.
FREN 385 Vt: Seminar. LANG
GEOL 8 Introduction to Oceanography. SCI NS
GEOL 9 Environmental Issues and Answers.
Environmental Issues.
GEOL 11 Survey of Atmospheric Science. SCI NS
GEOL 12 Natural Disasters. SW SCI NS
GEOL 16 Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Moving Continents. SW SCI NS
GEOL 25 Natural Resources and the Environment. SW SCI NS
GEOL 77 Weather, Climate, and Climate Change. SW SCI
GEOL 99 Planet Earth: Resources (And Hazards) for the 21st Century.
Planet Earth: Resources and (Hazards) for the 21st Century.
GEOL 101 Physical Geology. LPS SW SCI NS+L
GEOL 102 Historical Geology. LPS SW SCI
GERM 41/41W Masterpieces of German.
German Literature in Translation.
GERM 109 Intensive German I-II. LANG
GERM 110 Intensive German IIi-Iv. LANG
GERM 111 Elementary German I. LANG
GERM 112 Elementary German II. LANG
GERM 203 Intermediate German I. LANG
GERM 204 Intermediate German II. LANG WCGI
GERM 223 Conversation, Level I.
Conversation Level I.
GERM 224 Advanced Grammar and Stylistics, Level II. LANG
GERM 228 Advanced Conversation and Composition, Level II. LANG
GERM 235 German for Business and Industry. LANG
GERM 236 German Media of Today. LANG
GERM 321 Early German Literature. LANG
GERM 324 German Enlightenment. LANG
GERM 325 The Age of Goethe. LANG
GERM 326 Romanticism. LANG
GERM 331 The Geramn Theatre:from Lessing to Heiner Muller.
The German Theatre: From Lessing to Heiner Muller.
GERM 333 German Novels. LANG
GERM 335 German Poetry. LANG
GERM 350 German Literature in the Industrial Age: From Buchner to Fontane. LANG
GERM 360 German Literature and Modernity:from Wedekind to the Present.
German Literature and Modernity: From Wedekind to the Present.
GREEK 251 Elementary Ancient Greek I. LANG
GREEK 252 Elementary Ancient Greek II. LANG
GREEK 351 Euripides. LANG
GREEK 352 Plato. LANG
GREEK 357 Homer. LANG
GRKMD 41W Modern Greek Literature in Translation. LIT RL ET
GRKMD 111 Elementary Modern Greek I. LANG
GRKMD 112 Elementary Modern Greek II. LANG
GRKMD 203 Intermediate Modern Greek I. LANG WCGI
GRKMD 204 Intermediate Modern Greek II. LANG WCGI
GRKMD 223 Modern Greek Conversation. LANG WCGI
GRKMD 228 Advanced Grammar and Composition. LANG
GRKMD 231 Modern Greek Translation. LANG
GRKMD 250 Modern Greek Cinema.
Modern Greek Film and Media.
GRKMD 305 Modern Greek Literature I. LANG
GRKMD 306 Modern Greek Literature II. LANG
GRKMD 321 Survey of Modern Greek Literature I:eighteenth Century to 1880.
Survey of Modern Greek Literature I: Eighteenth Century to 1880.
GRKMD 322 Survey of Modern Greek Literature II: 1180-1930.
Survey of Modern Greek Literature II: 1880 to 1930.
GRKMD 323 Survey of Modern Greek IIi: 1930 to Present.
Survey of Modern Greek Literature IIi: 1930 to Present.
GRKMD 330 Early Modern Greek Literature: Fourteenth to Seventeenth Century. LANG
GRKMD 335 Studies in Modern Greek Literature. LIT
HEBRW 101 Elementary Hebrew I. LANG
HEBRW 102 Elementary Hebrew II. LANG
HEBRW 150 Modern Hebrew Literature in Translation. LIT RL WC
HEBRW 203 Intermediate Hebrew I. LANG
HEBRW 204 Intermediate Hebrew II. LANG
HEBRW 305 Advanced Modern Hebrew. LANG
HEBRW 307 Clkassical Hebrew.
Classical Hebrew.
HEBRW 311 Hebrew Conversation. LANG
HEBRW 315 Hebrew Writing Workshop.
Hebrew Writing Workshop: Free Writing, Poetry, and Prose.
HEBRW 317 Skills and Art of Translation. LANG
HEBRW 321 Readings From the Torah. LANG
HEBRW 352 Modern Hebrew Literature: 1880-1947.
Modern Hebrew Literature:1880-1947.
HEBRW 356 Modern Hebrew Literature: 1948 to Present Day.
Modern Hebrew Literature: 1948 to the Present Day.
HEBRW 358 The Modern Hebrew Media. LANG
HEBRW 361 History of the Hebrew Language. LANG
HEBRW 362 Hebrew Root Studies. LANG
HIST 101/101W Early Modern Europe, 1500-1815.
Early Modern Europe 1500-1815.
HIST 102/102W Modern Europe, 1815 to the Present. WCGI SS ET
HIST 103/103W American History, 1607-1865. USED SS US PI
HIST 104/104W American History, 1865 to the Present. USED SS US
HIST 160 Global History: World.
Vt: Topics in Global History.
HIST 163/163H Social and Cultural History.
Vt: Topics in U.s. History.
HIST 166 Vt: History and Memory. IS CV WC
HIST 190 Writing and History. EC-2
HIST 229 Politics and Religion in Early Modern England and Ireland. LIT RL ET PI
HIST 255 Vt: Transformational Moments in the Arab/israeli Conflict. IS
HNRS 125 The Arts in New York City. CE AP
HNRS 126W The Peopling of New York. USED SS US
HNRS 225 Science and Technology in New York City. SW SCI NS US
HNRS 226 Shaping the Future of New York City. IS SS US
HSS 200 Social Sciences and Society. IS SS ET
HTH 102 Freshman Humanities Colloquium. LIT
IRST 101 Elementary Irish I. LANG
IRST 102 Elementary Irish II.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
ITAL 41/41W Masterpieces of Italian Literature in Translation.
Italian Literature in Translation.
ITAL 45/45W Italian Civilization.
Italian Culture and Thought.
ITAL 111 Elementary Italian I. LANG
ITAL 112 Elementary Italian II. LANG
ITAL 203 Intermediate Italian I. LANG WCGI
ITAL 204 Intermediate Italian II. LANG WCGI
ITAL 223 Advanced Conversation. LANG
ITAL 224 Advanced Grammar. LANG
ITAL 228 Advanced Composition (Dissertation and Explication of Texts). LANG
ITAL 231 Skills and Art of Translation I. LANG
ITAL 232 Skills and Art of Translation II. LANG
ITAL 235 Commercial and Technical Italian. LANG
ITAL 329 Textual Analysis. LANG
ITAL 336 The Italian Language. LANG
ITAL 345 Studies in Medieval Literature I: Dante. LANG
ITAL 346 Studies in Medieval Literature II: Poetry. LANG
ITAL 347 Studies in Medieval Literature IIi: Prose. LANG
ITAL 355 Studies in Renaissance Literature I: Theatre. LANG
ITAL 356 Studies in Renaissance Literature II: Poetry. LANG
ITAL 357 Studies in Renaissance Literature IIi: Prose. LANG
ITAL 361 Studies in Modern Literature I: Theatre. LANG
ITAL 362 Studies in Modern Literature II: Poetry. LANG
ITAL 364 Studies in Modern Literature IIi: Prose. LANG
JPNS 101 Elementary Japanese I. LANG
JPNS 102 Elementary Japanese II. LANG
JPNS 203 Intermediate Japanese I. LANG
JPNS 204 Intermediate Japanese II. LANG
JPNS 211 Classical Japanese I. LANG
JPNS 212 Classical Japanese II. LANG
JPNS 305 Advanced Modern Japanese I. LANG
JPNS 306 Advanced Modern Japanese II. LANG
JPNS 311 Advanced Texts I. LANG
JPNS 312 Advanced Texts II. LANG
KOR 101 Elementary Korean I. LANG
KOR 102 Elementary Korean II. LANG
KOR 203 Intermediate Korean I. LANG
KOR 204 Intermediate Korean II. LANG
KOR 305 Advanced Korean I. LANG WCGI
KOR 306 Advanced Korean II. LANG WCGI
KOR 360 Readings in Korean. LANG
KOR 370 Advanced Korean Through Film. LANG
LATIN 101 Elementary Latin. LANG
LATIN 102 Intermediate Latin. LANG
LATIN 203 Roman Prose. LANG
LATIN 204 Roman Poetry. LANG
LATIN 315 Latin Prose Composition.
Latin Prose Composition I.
LCD 101 Introduction to Language. LANG
LCD 102 Analyzing Language. SW LANG SCI
LCD 103 Multilingualism in the United States. USED CV US
LCD 104 Language, Culture, and Society. IS
LCD 288 Voices of New York.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
LIBR 170 Writing With Research: Fan Cultures.
Writing and Library Research Methods.
MATH 110 Mathematical Literacy - an Introduction to College Mathematics. MQR
MATH 114/114W Elementary Probability and Statistics. MQR
MATH 115 College Algebra for Precalculus. MQR
MATH 119 Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers. MQR
MATH 120 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science. MQR
MATH 122 Precalculus. MQR
MATH 131 Calculus With Applications to the Social Sciences I. MQR
MATH 141 Calculus/differentiation. MQR
MATH 142 Calculus/integration. MQR
MATH 143 Calculus/infinite Series.
Calculus-Infinite Series.
MATH 151 Calculus/differentiation & Integration. MQR
MATH 152 Calculus/integration & Infinite Series.
Calculus/integration and Infinite Series.
MATH 157 Honors Calculus I. MQR
MATH 158 Honors Calculus II. MQR
MATH 201 Calculus.
Multivariable Calculus.
MATH 202 Advanced Calculus. MQR
MATH 231 Linear Algebra I. MQR
MATH 237 Honors Linear Algebra. MQR
MATH 241 Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics. MQR
MES 160 Classical Islamic Literature and Civilization. LIT RL WC PI
MNSCI 113 Contemporary Issues in the Sciences. SW SCI NS
MUSIC 1 Introduction to Music. CE AP ET
MUSIC 121 Writing About Music. EC-2
MUSIC 122 Writing Musical Cultures.
Writing Musical Culture.
MUSIC 247/247W Music History II: Music From 1650 to 1800. IS
PHIL 101/101W Introduction to Philosophy. IS CV ET
PHIL 104/104W/104H Introduction to Ethics. IS CV ET
PHIL 116/116W Introduction to Philosophy of Religion. IS CV ET
PHIL 225 Philosophy of the Natural Sciences. SW SCI
PHYS 3 Physics of Musical Sound. SW SCI
PHYS 5 Physics and the Future. SCI NS WC
PHYS 7 Introduction to the Physics of Musical Sounds. SCI NS
PHYS 11 Conceptual Physics Laboratory. SCI
PHYS 14 Conceptual Physics.
Conceptual Physics Lec.
PHYS 103 Physics for Computer Science I. LPS SW SCI NS+L
PHYS 204 Physics for Computer Science II. LPS SW SCI NS+L
PHYS 1211 General Physics I Laboratory. LPS SW SCI
PHYS 1214 General Physics I. LPS SW SCI
PHYS 1221 General Physics II Laboratory. LPS SW SCI
PHYS 1224 General Physics II. LPS SW SCI
PHYS 1451 Principles of Physics I Laboratory. LPS SW SCI
PHYS 1454 Principles of Physics I. LPS SW SCI
PHYS 1461 Principles of Physics II Laboratory. LPS SW SCI
PHYS 1464 Principles of Physics II. LPS SW SCI
PORT 111 Elementary Portuguese I. LANG
PORT 112 Elementary Portuguese II. LANG
PORT 203 Intermediate Portuguese I. LANG WCGI
PORT 204 Intermediate Portuguese II. LANG
PSCI 100/100H American Politics and Government. USED SS US
PSCI 101 Introduction to Political Science. IS SS US
PSCI 102/102H Current Political Controversies.
Political Controversies.
PSCI 103 Comparative Politics. WCGI SS WC
PSCI 104 International Politics. WCGI SS WC
PSCI 105 Political Theory. IS CV ET
PSCI 210 American State and Local Government. USED SS US
PSYCH 101 General Psychology. SW SCI NS
PSYCH 103 Pleasure and Pain. SW SCI NS
PSYCH 107 Statistical Methods. MQR
PSYCH 213W Experimental Psychology. LPS SW SCI
PSYCH 252 Application of Behavior Analysis in Animal Training. LPS SCI
RUSS 111 Elementary Russian I. LANG
RUSS 112 Elementary Russian II. LANG
RUSS 155/155W Keys to Russian Literature. LIT RL ET
RUSS 203 Intermediate Russian I. LANG
RUSS 204 Intermediate Russian II. LANG
RUSS 215 Advanced Intermediate Russian I. LANG
RUSS 225 Advanced Intermediate Russian II. LANG
SEYS 120 Critical Social Theory, Action Research, and Multiple Literacies in Education for Social Justice. IS
SOC 101 General Introduction to Sociology. IS SS
SOC 103 Sociology of American Life. USED CV US
SOC 190 Writing for Sociology. EC-2
SOC 205 Social Statistics I.
Note: Course not active in CUNYfirst.
SOC 206 Introduction to Social Statistics. MQR
SOC 208 Social Problems. IS
SOC 211 Ethnic and Racial Relations. USED SS US
SOC 212H Sociological Analysis. SW SCI SS
SOC 215 Sociology of Education. IS SS US
SOC 222 Social Welfare as a Social Institution. USED CV US
SOC 235 Data and Society. SW SCI
SPAN 41 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature in Translation. LIT RL
SPAN 45/45W Hispanic Civilization. WCGI CV WC
SPAN 51 Hispanic-Jewish Literature in Translation. LIT RL WC
SPAN 53/53W/53H Don Quixote in Translation. LIT RL ET PI
SPAN 60 Hispanic Literature and Culture in the United States. LIT RL US
SPAN 111 Elem Spanish 1.
Elementary Spanish I.
SPAN 112 Elementary Spanish II. LANG
SPAN 114 Spanish for Heritage Speakers I. LANG
SPAN 115 Spanish for Heritage Speakers II. LANG
SPAN 201 Spanish for Heritage Speakers IIi. LANG WCGI
SPAN 203 Intermediate Spanish I. LANG WCGI
SPAN 204 Intermediate Spanish II. LANG WCGI
SPAN 215 Spanish Conversation. LANG
SPAN 221 Language Workshop for Spanish Heritage Students. LANG WCGI
SPAN 222 Language Workshop for Non-Spanish Heritage Students. LANG WCGI
SPAN 224 Grammar. LANG
SPAN 225 Composition. LANG WCGI
SPAN 240 Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies. LANG
SPAN 250 Survey of Spanish Literature I. LANG
SPAN 260 Survey of Spanish Literature II. LANG
SPAN 280 Survey of Spanish-American Literature I. LANG
SPAN 290 Survey of Spanish American Literature II. LANG
SPAN 310 The Culture and Civilization of Spain. LANG
SPAN 312 The Culture and Civilization of Latin America. LANG
SPAN 390 Hispanic Literature Seminar. LANG
URBST 101 Urban Issues: Poverty and Affluence. USED SS US
URBST 103 Urban Diversity. USED SS US
URBST 105 Urban Politics. USED SS US
URBST 114 Sex and the City. IS
URBST 120 Writing in Urban Studies. EC-2
URBST 326 Cities and Diasporas. WCGI
WGS 101/101W Introduction to Women and Gender Studies. USED
YIDD 101 Elementary Yiddish I. LANG
YIDD 102 Elementary Yiddish II. LANG
YIDD 203 Intermediate Yiddish I. LANG
YIDD 204 Intermediate Yiddish II. LANG
YIDD 210 Intermediate Conversational Yiddish. LANG