General Education Course Offerings

The following General Education courses are scheduled to be offered during the Fall 2018 semester.

Other Semesters Available:

Fall 2018 Scheduled Writing-Intensive (W) Courses

Students who entered Queens College after the Fall 2009 semester but before the Fall 2013 semester follow the Perspectives in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (PLAS) curriculum, and must complete three Writing-Intensive (W) courses in order to graduate. Perspectives students may elect to take a Pathways EC-2 (College Writing 2) course as one of their three W courses.

Students who entered Queens College in the Fall 2013 semester or later follow the Pathways curriculum, and must complete two W courses in order to graduate.

To avoid the need to take extra courses, students should plan their course of study at Queens in a way that maximizes the overlap between W courses and courses taken to complete the requirements for their Major or other General Education requirements. Students who transfer from institutions that do not indicate writing-intensive courses on the transcript should make sure they receive credit for having completed the proper number of W courses. Contact the Advising Center (Kiely 217) if there are problems.

The following 35 writing-intensive courses are scheduled to be offered during the Fall 2018 semester. The list is accurate as of March 31, 2018, but may change as additional courses are scheduled or if scheduled courses are canceled during the enrollment period.

Courses in italics had fewer than 10% open seats as of March 31, 2018. (Abbreviations in parentheses give Perspectives and Pathways requirements also satisfied by each course.)

AMST 110W. Introduction to American Society and Culture (CV, US, USED)
ANTH 208W. Peoples of South Asia
CLAS 250W. Ancient Epic and Tragedy
CMLIT 102W. Great Books II (RL, WC, LIT)
CMLIT 215W. Topics in Modern Literature (CE)
CMLIT 229W. Women in Modern World Literature (WCGI)
CMLIT 382W. Advanced Seminars
DANCE 350W. Time and the Dancing Image in the U.S. I
ENGL 151W. Readings in British Literature (RL, ET, LIT)
ENGL 152W. Readings in American Literature (RL, US, USED, LIT)
ENGL 153W. Introduction to the Bible (CV, WC, PI, CE)
FNES 307W. Fitness though Diet, Exercise, and Weight Control
FREN 250W. French and Francophone Film and Media (AP, ET)
GERM 41W. German Literature in Translation (RL, ET, LIT)
ITAL 41W. Italian Literature in Translation (RL, ET, LIT)
LABST 101W. Introduction to Labor Studies
MATH 114W. Elementary Probability and Statistics (MQR)
MEDST 341W. Theory of Film
MEDST 342W. Special Topics in Genre
MEDST 344W. VT: Special Topics in National Cinemas
MEDST 346W. African Americans in American Film and Television
MEDST 360W. Global Media
MUSIC 246W. Music History I: Music from 1200 to 1650 (PI)
MUSIC 247W. Music History II: Music from 1650 to 1800
MUSIC 346W. Music History III: Music from 1800 to 1890
MUSIC 347W. Music History IV: Music from 1890 to the Present
PHYS 320W. Physics of Musical Sound
PHYS 395W. Physics and the Future
PHYS 395W. Physics of Musical Sound
PHYS 396W. Physics of Musical Sound
SOC 381W. Senior Seminars
URBST 239W. Urban Labor and Labor Movements
URBST 330W. Contemporary Urban Theory
URBST 390W. Tutorial
WGS 101W. Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (USED)