Pathways Offerings for Summer Short II 2021

CUNYfirst data as of 2020-10-01

English Composition (1 course)

Note: English Composition requires two courses. At Queens the first course is always ENGL 110, College Writing I.
Any course other than College Writing I listed in this section may be used as the second English Composition course.

MUSIC 121 Writing about Music: 1 section; 0 / 20 seats (0% filled)

Mathematics and Quantitative Reasoning (0 courses)

Life and Physical Sciences (0 courses)

World Cultures and Global Issues (0 courses)

United States Experience in its Diversity (0 courses)

Creative Expression (0 courses)

Individual and Society (1 course)

ECON 101 Introduction to Macroeconomics: 1 section; 0 / 50 seats (0% filled)

Scientific World (0 courses)

QC Literature (0 courses)

QC Language (0 courses)

QC Science (0 courses)

QC Synthesis (0 courses)

Writing Intensive (0 courses)