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1. ENGL 165/165W: Introduction to Poetry

Contact:Thomas Frosch
Abstract:Close reading and critical analysis of a wide variety of poetry of various
periods. This course combines the study of literature with continued training
in clear and effective written expression.

Note: We are renumbering this course from 140W to 165W so that we can have all
our PLAS courses together in the 160s and, since this course also functions as
a gateway to the major, so that we can indicate to our majors that all courses
165 and above apply to the major. Our current system has caused some confusion
among both nonmajors and majors, and the renumbering should eliminate that. We
also are slightly modifying the course description of the current 140W, which
specifies “a wide variety of English and American poetry.” In 165W we leave
out “English and American” to give instructors freedom to use Anglophone global
poems, which are becoming increasingly important in the field.

also eliminates “Designed for prospective English majors.” The course has
actually always been designed for both majors and nonmajors, and since this is
a PLAS course, we do not want anything in the description that implies that
nonmajors should keep out. Other than the renumbering and those two
modifications in the description, the course is unchanged.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ENGL 165 2008-01-03 RL Submitted Dept
ENGL 165 2008-04-30 RL Approved GEAC
ENGL 165 2008-06-02 RL Approved UCC
ENGL 165 2008-09-11 RL Approved Senate
ENGL 165W 2008-01-03 RL Submitted Dept
ENGL 165W 2008-04-30 RL Approved GEAC
ENGL 165W 2008-06-02 RL Approved UCC
ENGL 165W 2008-09-11 RL Approved Senate