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1 Proposal: number 10

10. ANTH 103: Introduction to Archaeology

Contact:John Collins
Abstract:Catalogue Description: A survey of human prehistory and the methods used by
archaeologists to examine and interpret the past. The origins of cultural
behavior, the appearance of agriculture and its consequences, and the
development of civilization are given special attention.

Extended Abstract: This course introduces what is known and what remains to be
discovered about human biocultural evolution. Ninety-five percent of this story
transpired before writing and is therefore
prehistoric in nature, accessible primarily through the investigation of
archaeological evidence. After examination of the concepts and methods
underlying archaeological research, the course surveys world prehistory with an
emphasis on the following key changes: (1) the appearance of
bipedalism and
tool use; (2) the appearance of the culture-bearing capacity; (3) the shift
from foraging to plant and animal domestication; (4) the emergence of
civilization. The legacy of these tidal changes underpins the human world that
engulfs us today.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ANTH 103 2008-03-01 SS Submitted Dept
ANTH 103 2008-03-01 WC Submitted Dept
ANTH 103 2008-03-01 PI Submitted Dept
ANTH 103 2008-04-02 SS Approved GEAC
ANTH 103 2008-04-02 WC Approved GEAC
ANTH 103 2008-04-02 PI Approved GEAC
ANTH 103 2008-05-08 SS Approved UCC
ANTH 103 2008-05-08 WC Approved UCC
ANTH 103 2008-05-08 PI Approved UCC
ANTH 103 2008-09-11 SS Approved Senate
ANTH 103 2008-09-11 WC Approved Senate
ANTH 103 2008-09-11 PI Approved Senate