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1 Proposal: number 101

101. DANCE 150: Introduction to Dance

Contact:Yin Mei Critchell
Abstract:The aim of this course is to provide an opportunity for students to experience
a variety of dance styles inside and outside the parameters of western
contemporary dance. Dance is defined within the context of multi-culturalism
through exercises and workshops, culminating in student-led collaborative
choreographic projects. Students are encouraged to become aware of the broader
meaning of dance within particular societal contexts by focusing ON folkloric,
religious and theatrical dance traditions. Social, historical and technical
aspects of world dance are studied, encouraging students to broaden their
awareness of the influence of cultural diversity on contemporary dance.
Students are also provided with guided opportunities to further choreographic
experience and skills and are required to attend performances of current work
by artists using both traditional and contemporary styles in intercultural and
multidisciplinary choreography. Students pursue weekly research and
movement-based activities that explore a range of choreographic themes. To
provide a grounding in dance kinesthetics, two basic movement forms are taught
at the beginning level: (1) “improvisation” - AN INCLUSIVE AND OPEN dance
and (2) “somatic” - cultivating a basic understanding of proper alignment
through breathing and practice.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
DANCE 150 2008-09-18 AP Submitted Dept
DANCE 150 2008-09-18 WC Submitted Dept
DANCE 150 2008-11-05 AP Approved GEAC
DANCE 150 2008-11-05 WC Approved GEAC
DANCE 150 2008-12-04 AP Approved UCC
DANCE 150 2008-12-04 WC Approved UCC
DANCE 150 2009-02-05 AP Approved Senate
DANCE 150 2009-02-05 WC Approved Senate