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1 Proposal: number 102

102. PHYS 001: Conceptual Physics

Contact:Al-Karim Gangji
Abstract:Conceptual physics is a PLAS course that deals with fundamental principles
underlying our understanding of the physical world around us. More specifically
the course focuses on the major topics in “classical physics,” the physics
developed between the 16th and early 20th centuries. The topics we will cover
in class will range from the basic concepts of motion, forces, gravity, energy,
heat and temperature, physics of matter, electric and magnetic fields, wave
motion, and geometric optics. To understand these topics, we will take the
conceptual approach and use simple mathematical skills to explain the basic
phenomena of the physical universe.
You will find out how discoveries in physics not only provided civilization
with knowledge, new technologies and devices, but also shaped and changed it.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
PHYS 001 2008-09-21 NS+L Submitted Dept
PHYS 001 2009-09-02 NS+L Approved GEAC
PHYS 001 2009-09-10 NS+L Approved UCC
PHYS 001 2009-10-15 NS+L Approved Senate