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1 Proposal: number 104

104. ASTR 001: General Astronomy

Contact:Sajan Saini
Abstract:An introductory course that presents to students the history of stellar
observation and birth of the scientific process; the study of the positions,
motions, compositions and evolution of planets, stars, clouds of interstellar
matter; the manner in which this modern understanding of the universe’s cosmic
origin and future fate is obtained. Does not include laboratory experiments.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ASTR 001 2008-09-22 NS Submitted Dept
ASTR 001 2008-10-14 NS Approved GEAC
ASTR 001 2008-11-13 NS Approved UCC
ASTR 001 2009-04-02 NS Approved Senate