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1 Proposal: number 111

111. PHIL 104: Introduction to Ethics

Contact:Steven Hicks
Abstract:Philosophy 104, Introduction to Ethics, is an investigation of rival value
theories concerning such topics as moral goodness, rightness, hapiness,
freedom, and responsibility. Selected readings are offered from both classical
and contemporary sources. The course aims to promote critical reflection on
these issues and to encourage students to strive for their own reasoned
postions on them. To these ends, the students will be invited and assisted both
(a) to achieve a good understanding of the arguments of the philosophers
assigned, so that they can explain the philosophers’ assumptions, inferences,
and conclusions accurately in their own words, and (b) to evaluate for
themselves the truth of philosophers’ assumptions and the validity of their
inferences, with a view to determining whether these moral philosophers have
established their conclusions. The course fulfills Queens College’s general
education requirement under the Culture and Values heading of Perspectives on
the Liberal Arts and Sciences, for it examines contrasting views as to the
attainability of knowledge in ethics; it aims, as representing a core liberal
art (namely, philosophy), to develop general intellectual capacities such as
reason and judgement, in the belief that both the individual and society are
the better for such development; and it investigates major issues concerning
moral values.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
PHIL 104 2008-10-16 CV Submitted Dept
PHIL 104 2008-10-16 ET Submitted Dept
PHIL 104 2008-11-05 CV Approved GEAC
PHIL 104 2008-11-05 ET Approved GEAC
PHIL 104 2008-12-04 CV Approved UCC
PHIL 104 2008-12-04 ET Approved UCC
PHIL 104 2009-02-05 CV Approved Senate
PHIL 104 2009-02-05 ET Approved Senate