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1 Proposal: number 118

118. EAST 250: Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation

Contact:William McClure
Authors:William McClure
Yunzhong Shu
Abstract:Writers and critics in China have contested over the orientation, evaluation
and canonization of modern Chinese fiction from its very beginning in the late
1910s. This picture is further complicated when Western-trained literary
scholars critique modern Chinese fiction from different analytical
perspectives. Throughout the course we will explore the ideological and
aesthetical considerations that inform modern Chinese fiction as well as the
criteria Chinese and Western scholars apply in their analyses. To that end we
will study not only a wide range of modern Chinese stories and novellas but
also different approaches to modern Chinese fiction adopted by Chinese,
European and American scholars with different ideological and aesthetical
affiliations. In so doing students will learn how the field of modern Chinese
fiction is formed and approached. Given the politicization of modern Chinese
fiction and its close relationship with its historical environment, the study
of the formation of the field and the different approaches to this field will
also help students understand modern Chinese society and how modern Chinese
society is studied with modern Chinese fiction as a reflection of the society.
In addition, this course will also help students appreciate the roles their own
cultural backgrounds play in their approach to modern Chinese fiction.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
EAST 250 2008-11-06 RL Submitted Dept
EAST 250 2008-11-06 WC Submitted Dept
EAST 250 2009-09-02 RL Approved GEAC
EAST 250 2009-09-02 WC Approved GEAC
EAST 250 2009-09-10 RL Approved UCC
EAST 250 2009-09-10 WC Approved UCC
EAST 250 2009-10-15 RL Approved Senate
EAST 250 2009-10-15 WC Approved Senate