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1 Proposal: number 127

127. ITAST 100: Italian Americans: An Interpretation of a People

Contact:Fred Gardaphe
Abstract:Italian Americans: An Interpretation of a People is an introduction to
Italian/American Studies that explores the phenomenon of Italian/American
experiences from immigration to ethnicity and beyond. Comparative studies of
human values and ideals as observed through the disciplines of anthropology,
history, sociology, literature, film, and cultural studies that provide
theoretical foundations for this exploration. Original source materials such
as literature and autobiographical writings are used to examine the expression
of values and choices made by Italian immigrants as they become American
citizens. The experience of Italians in North and South America and their
contributions to American culture will be presented in relation to those of
other ethnic Americans throughout the country’s history. Lectures are
supplemented by film excerpts, guest lecturers and performing artists.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ITAST 100 2009-03-19 CV Submitted Dept
ITAST 100 2009-03-19 US Submitted Dept
ITAST 100 2009-11-04 CV Approved GEAC
ITAST 100 2009-11-04 US Approved GEAC
ITAST 100 2009-11-12 CV Approved UCC
ITAST 100 2009-11-12 US Approved UCC
ITAST 100 2009-12-03 CV Approved Senate
ITAST 100 2009-12-03 US Approved Senate