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1 Proposal: number 130

130. HNRS 126W: The Peopling of New York City: Seminar 2

Contact:Ross Wheeler
Abstract:During Seminar 2, University Scholars investigate the role of immigration and
migration in shaping New York City’s identityСpast, present, and future.
Seminar topics include: the factors that have driven and drawn people to New
York since the 17th century; the different ways that religion, race, gender,
and ethnicity have shaped immigrant encounters with the city; the formation and
social organization of immigrant communities in such neighborhoods as the Five
Points, the Lower East Side, Harlem, Little Italy, Chinatown, Astoria, and
Flushing; the impact of successive waves of newcomers on urban culture and
politics; and the continuing debate over assimilation and Americanization.
Extensive reading and writing assignments are enriched by visits to archives
and other important sites.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
HNRS 126W 2009-04-29 SS Submitted Dept
HNRS 126W 2009-04-29 US Submitted Dept
HNRS 126W 2009-09-02 SS Approved GEAC
HNRS 126W 2009-09-02 US Approved GEAC
HNRS 126W 2009-09-10 SS Approved UCC
HNRS 126W 2009-09-10 US Approved UCC
HNRS 126W 2009-10-15 SS Approved Senate
HNRS 126W 2009-10-15 US Approved Senate