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1 Proposal: number 131

131. HNRS 225: Science and Technology in New York City

Contact:Ross Wheeler
Abstract:In Seminar 3, University Scholars analyze science and technology that have had
an impact on contemporary New York. These may include science and technology,
the computer, urban health issues, the environment, and energy. The seminar
addresses the intellectual and historical roots of the semester’s topic, as
well as its ethical, legal, social, and economic ramifications. Students read
scientific literature and learn the technical concepts necessary to understand
their readings. Seminar 3 also engages students in the process of scientific
inquiry as they investigate questions relevant to the seminar and to their
lives. In-class work and homework assignments are enriched by visits to such
institutions as the Hayden Planetarium, the Mount Sinai Medical Center, and
other important research centers.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
HNRS 225 2009-04-29 NS Submitted Dept
HNRS 225 2009-04-29 US Submitted Dept
HNRS 225 2009-09-02 NS Approved GEAC
HNRS 225 2009-09-02 US Approved GEAC
HNRS 225 2009-09-10 NS Approved UCC
HNRS 225 2009-09-10 US Approved UCC
HNRS 225 2009-10-15 NS Approved Senate
HNRS 225 2009-10-15 US Approved Senate