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1 Proposal: number 139

139. ENGL 251: British Literature Survey I

Contact:Jeffrey Cassvan
Authors:Thomas Frosch
Jeffrey Cassvan
Abstract:Catalog description for English 251/British Literature Survey I:
This course is a historical study of the diversity of British literature from
the beginnings through the seventeenth century, encompassing a range of writing
by women and men from various cultural, ethnic
and popular traditions.

English 251 engages students in the careful reading of a representative
selection of works of poetry, prose, and drama written by important figures in
the British literary tradition from the 10th century to the 17th century. The
course provides students with a perspective on the emergence and development of
the English language and one of the richest pre-industrial European literary
and cultural traditions. Students are asked to reflect carefully on what makes
a literary work significant or great and on how and why standards of
significance and greatness change over time. They examine the ways in which
literary texts and authors respond to each other and they explore the
ever-changing nature of our relationship to linguistic, historical and literary
traditions. In the process of considering the significance of a variety of
works written by women and men from different British regional, religious,
social, ethnic, and political traditions, students learn to recognize and
appreciate the linguistic, cultural, generic and formal diversity of British

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ENGL 251 2009-11-18 RL Submitted Dept
ENGL 251 2009-11-18 ET Submitted Dept
ENGL 251 2009-11-18 PI Submitted Dept
ENGL 251 2009-12-02 RL Approved GEAC
ENGL 251 2009-12-02 ET Approved GEAC
ENGL 251 2009-12-02 PI Approved GEAC
ENGL 251 2010-02-11 RL Approved UCC
ENGL 251 2010-02-11 ET Approved UCC
ENGL 251 2010-03-11 RL Approved Senate
ENGL 251 2010-03-11 ET Approved Senate
ENGL 251 2011-02-10 PI Approved UCC
ENGL 251 2011-03-10 PI Approved Senate