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1 Proposal: number 14

14. PSYCH 101: General Psychology

Contact:Andrea Li
Abstract:This course introduces students to the chief facts, principles, methods, and
theories of the multidisciplinary field of Psychology. Topics discussed include
the history of Psychology, sensory and perceptual processes, motivation and
emotion, behavioral development, learning and cognition, psychometrics,
personality, psychopathology, and social behavior. Throughout the course,
comparisons are made between classic and current theories, methodologies, and
empirical data in the study of sensory processing and behavior.

(This course is and will continue to be offered in the day, evening, weekend,
and summer sessions, and currently generates the third highest number of FTEs
in the college behind English 110 and Anthropology 101. In addition to the 8
sessions offered each semester (100-115 students each), there are additional
smaller sections of the course offered for ACE, College Now, and LEAP

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
PSYCH 101 2008-03-17 NS Submitted Dept
PSYCH 101 2008-04-30 NS Approved GEAC
PSYCH 101 2008-06-02 NS Approved UCC
PSYCH 101 2008-09-11 NS Approved Senate