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1 Proposal: number 143

143. HIST 229: Politics, Religion, and Literature in Early Modern England and Ireland

This is a new course

Contact:Clare Carroll
Authors:Clare Carroll
Sarah Covington
Abstract:This course covers the debates over religion and politics in the 16th and 17th
centuries in England and Ireland. This period includes many of the crucial
events in their histories: the succession of the Stuarts, the Plantation of
Ulster, with the migration of Scots settlers to Ireland and the creation of
colonial communities organized under a English model of economy and government,
called ТBritishУ; the Civil War, or the War of Three Kingdoms, including
the rebellion against religious conformity in Scotland, the revolt by the
Confederacy in Ireland, as wells as the Cromwellian conquest and land
confiscations in Ireland; the Restoration, and the Glorious Revolution and the
Jacobite response to that in Ireland and Scotland. These events will be
studied as they are variously represented in the political, religious and
imaginative writing (drama, poetry, essay) of the period. This course focuses
mainly on the analysis of texts and for this reason satisfies the “Reading
Literature” Area of Knowledge and Inquiry.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
HIST 229 2009-11-23 RL Submitted Dept
HIST 229 2009-11-23 ET Submitted Dept
HIST 229 2009-11-23 PI Submitted Dept
HIST 229 2010-02-03 RL Approved GEAC
HIST 229 2010-02-03 ET Approved GEAC
HIST 229 2010-02-03 PI Approved GEAC
HIST 229 2010-04-08 RL Approved UCC Missing PI
HIST 229 2010-04-08 ET Approved UCC Missing PI
HIST 229 2010-05-06 RL Approved Senate Missing PI
HIST 229 2010-05-06 ET Approved Senate Missing PI
HIST 229 2011-03-10 PI Approved UCC
HIST 229 2011-04-10 PI Approved Senate