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1 Proposal: number 155

155. SPAN 060: Hispanic Literatures in the United States

Contact:Barbara Simerka
Abstract:An overview of the literary production of Latinos in the United States. The
course will focus on selected works of fictional and autobiographical prose,
written by Mexican-, Puerto Rican-, Dominican-, Colombian- and Cuban-Americans,
among others. This course fulfills PLAS requirements for Reading Literature.
Students will learn to read, discuss and write about texts in fulfillment of
the norms of literature as a discipline. Students will study the role of US
Latino literature and culture within Liberal Arts disciplines, analyzing:
bilingualism and biculturalism; migration and ТcrossingУ borderlands; the
concepts of ТreturnУ and ТhomeУ; community, culture, and nation;
assimilation vs. the politics of identity; the position of each group with
regards to the literary and political discourses and practices of the Latino
movement; creating a space between the North American and the Spanish American
literary traditions; relations with other global ТminorityУ literary
traditions and postcolonial discourses.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
SPAN 060 2010-02-04 RL Submitted Dept
SPAN 060 2010-02-04 US Submitted Dept
SPAN 060 2010-03-03 RL Approved GEAC
SPAN 060 2010-03-03 US Approved GEAC
SPAN 060 2010-03-11 RL Approved UCC
SPAN 060 2010-03-11 US Approved UCC
SPAN 060 2010-04-08 RL Approved Senate
SPAN 060 2010-04-08 US Approved Senate