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1 Proposal: number 158

158. MNSCI 113: Contemporary Issues in Science

Contact:Susan Croll
Abstract:MNSc 113 can be taught by any science faculty member(s), with the goal of
introducing students to scientific concepts with a special emphasis on how
science impacts society and vice versa. Topics covered can vary, but are
always current and highly relevant - probing ethical, philosophical, political,
and/or societal impacts of these topics. The most recent iteration of the
course covered the topics of Genetics and Neuroscience, introducing
controversial topics including genetic engineering/genetic testing, cloning,
evolution, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and memory manipulation.
Other potential relevant topics are diverse, but could include, for example,
Global Warming/Climate Change or Cosmology/Space (black holes, asteroid
impacts, extraterrestrial life or colonization, space exploration, etc.). In
all cases, the topics taught will be covered on more than the superficial
levels presented in the popular media, and will include detailed coverage of
the scientific principles underlying these impactful topics. The primary goal
of the course is to instill scientific literacy, and to generate an
understanding of the ways in which science impacts both other areas of
knowledge and society as a whole.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
MNSCI 113 2010-02-21 NS Submitted Dept
MNSCI 113 2010-03-03 NS Approved GEAC
MNSCI 113 2010-03-11 NS Approved UCC
MNSCI 113 2010-04-08 NS Approved Senate