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1 Proposal: number 162

162. ECON 102: Introduction to Microeconomics

Contact:Elizabeth Roistacher
Authors:Zadia Feliciano
David Gabel
Elizabeth Roistacher
Abstract:How decisions are made by the consumer and producer sectors of the economy and
the interactions between the two sectors; the process of resource allocation
and income distribution within a free enterprise economy as well as alternative
market structures such as monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistic competition;
and the effects of various government policies on the allocation of resources
and the distribution of income. May not be taken for credit if Economics 104
has already been taken.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ECON 102 2010-03-04 SS Submitted Dept
ECON 102 2010-03-04 US Submitted Dept
ECON 102 2010-03-04 QR Submitted Dept
ECON 102 2010-05-12 SS Approved GEAC
ECON 102 2010-05-12 US Approved GEAC
ECON 102 2010-09-16 SS Approved UCC
ECON 102 2010-09-16 US Approved UCC
ECON 102 2010-10-14 SS Approved Senate
ECON 102 2010-10-14 US Approved Senate