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1 Proposal: number 166

166. ITAL 250W: Italian Cinema. Reading Italy Through Film

Contact:Eugenia Paulicelli
Abstract:This course will satisfy the Appreciating and Participating in the Arts (AP)
and European Traditions (ET) requirements of the PLAS. This course will focus
on the study of the contributions made by Italian filmmakers to the art form of
cinema from early experimentation in neorealism in the 1940s till the present.
Each time the course will focus on a specific topic and historical period.
Students will learn the history of cinema in Italy, and will study the
innovations in form, narrative and aesthetics introduced by Italian filmmakers.
In particular, students will be trained to look at Italian cinema in a global
perspective on account of its international breadth and the impact their
technological innovations had on the history of global cinema. In addition,
students will learn to make aesthetic judgments, and will train their critical
faculties in a way that will help them to better understand all forms of visual
media--including plastic arts, television, advertising, and the internet. This
will help them in their approach to such media in their daily lives, as well as
give them the critical thinking skills to bring to bear on other disciplines at
Queens College. Cinema is by nature interdisciplinary and calls on fields as
disparate as history, art history, literature, media studies, psychology,
sociology etc. for a deeper understanding of the implications contained in each
film. As Italian cinema is an integral part of Italian culture, we will
analyze how the traditions of Western European thought manifest themselves in
twentieth-century Italian culture, and in Italian cinema in particular. This
course meets the aims of the Appreciating and Participating in the Arts section
of the PLAS by training students in the Тskills of observing and listening to
[Й] and appreciating and understanding the creative arts,У thereby helping
students to Тdevelop awareness of the role of these arts in human life.У

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ITAL 250W 2010-04-08 AP Submitted Dept
ITAL 250W 2010-04-08 ET Submitted Dept
ITAL 250W 2010-09-01 AP Approved GEAC
ITAL 250W 2010-09-01 ET Approved GEAC
ITAL 250W 2010-10-14 AP Approved UCC
ITAL 250W 2010-10-14 ET Approved UCC
ITAL 250W 2010-11-11 AP Approved Senate
ITAL 250W 2010-11-11 ET Approved Senate