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1 Proposal: number 167

167. DANCE 151: Dance and Culture: Dancing Values

This is a new course

Contact:Joseph Mills
Abstract:This course is designed to fulfill the Culture and Values requirement within
the Perspectives on the Liberal Arts and Sciences area of the General
Curriculum. In this course we will be comparing various world dance forms with
some contemporary and historical dances in the United States.The aim of this
course is to bring the field of dance to life on a variety of levels. The
course is designed to help students grasp a wide range of cultural, aesthetic,
and historical worlds from which dance is born and which are created by dance.
The goal of this course is to provide students with keys to a fuller
understanding of the field of dance and its relationship to other areas of the
humanities and social sciences. In this course we will be investigating how
dance is a carrier of cultural and aesthetic values across a wide spectrum of
forms from around the globe and throughout history. Utilizing observation,
discussions, participation in dance classes and writing about a variety of
dance forms, the instructor will guide the students to a deeper understanding
of dance as a cultural act.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
DANCE 151 2010-05-11 CV Submitted Dept
DANCE 151 2010-10-06 AP Approved GEAC Failed to tell UCC about change of area.
DANCE 151 2010-10-14 CV Approved UCC
DANCE 151 2010-11-11 CV Approved Senate