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1 Proposal: number 171

171. ECON 101: Introduction to Macroeconomics

Contacts:John Devereux
Zadia Feliciano
Elizabeth Roistacher
Authors:John Devereux
Zadia Feliciano
Elizabeth Roistacher
Abstract:ECON101: Introduction to Macroeconomics, 3 credits
Covers the nature and methods of economics and survey of major economic
problems; the determinants of national income and output, the price level, and
employment; the role of money and banking in the economy; and the role of the
governmentŠ„s fiscal and monetary policies.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ECON 101 2010-09-27 SS Submitted Dept
ECON 101 2010-09-27 US Submitted Dept
ECON 101 2010-09-27 QR Submitted Dept
ECON 101 2010-10-06 SS Approved GEAC
ECON 101 2010-10-06 US Approved GEAC
ECON 101 2010-10-14 SS Approved UCC
ECON 101 2010-10-14 US Approved UCC
ECON 101 2010-11-11 SS Approved Senate
ECON 101 2010-11-11 US Approved Senate