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1 Proposal: number 176

176. PSCI 234: Contemporary Western Europe

Contact:Yan Sun
Abstract:This course will examine the historical trajectory of the European Union by
examining rapidly emerging new forms of transnational governance and
policymaking processes at both regional and national levels over a period of
sixty years. These new forms of governance and policymaking fundamentally break
with theories, concepts and methodologies that entirely draw on political,
social and economic life in nation-states. Transnational governance is driven
by extraordinarily complex, yet interconnected and mutually reinforcing
dynamics. To understand these dynamics requires new ways of thinking, analysis
and explanation.

The course will begin with the historical foundations of the European Union
followed by an in-depth study of the new political and institutional models of
EU policies and EU policymaking. In addition, we will discuss the different
paths and timing of membership and explore the extent to which this affects
transformation processes at the regional and the national level. Finally, we
will address the puzzle of growing Europeanization of public affairs at both
the EU and national levels combined with a limited ability of EU institutions
to enforce compliance with EU objectives and/or monitor implementation in the
member states. Yet despite these opposing trends, the European Union is

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
PSCI 234 2010-11-02 SS Submitted Dept
PSCI 234 2010-11-02 ET Submitted Dept
PSCI 234 2011-09-07 None Withdrawn Dept Replaced by Proposal #197