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1 Proposal: number 177

177. PSCI 238: Contemporary Asia

Contact:Yan Sun
Abstract:This course, Contemporary Asia, will look at the major research questions,
theories and approaches of comparative politics as applied in the Asian
context, as well as those developed out of it. Broad issue areas include the
interactions between historical experiences and contemporary trajectories,
economic and political modernization, domestic development and the global
economy, state and society, political regimes and political institutions, mass
participation and contentious politics, cultural values and political change,
as well as ethnic and identity politics. The geographical range includes East
Asia, South Asia and to a lesser extent, Southeast Asia.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
PSCI 238 2010-11-02 SS Submitted Dept
PSCI 238 2010-11-02 WC Submitted Dept
PSCI 238 2011-09-07 SS Approved GEAC
PSCI 238 2011-09-07 WC Approved GEAC
PSCI 238 2011-09-15 SS Approved UCC
PSCI 238 2011-09-15 WC Approved UCC
PSCI 238 2011-10-13 SS Approved Senate
PSCI 238 2011-10-13 WC Approved Senate