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1 Proposal: number 18

18. HIST 168: History and memory: The United States VT

This is a new course

Contact:Frank Warren
Abstract:This course will study how history is remembered and how the memory of history
contributes to and differs from the writing of history. Attention will be paid
to how historic events are commemorated and what this tells us about the values
and beliefs of those commemorating. The course will explore how different
cultures and groups remember history and the role that institutionalized social
structures play in the remembrance of history. Attention will also be paid to
the nature of the discipline of history and the role historic memory and oral
history play in the discipline. The course will be a variable topics course.
The course will meet the United States Context of of Experience. In the
syllabus submitted such topics as the New Nation, a slave rebellion, the Civil
War, and the Vietnam are explored through the study of memory and

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
HIST 168 2008-04-01 CV Submitted Dept
HIST 168 2008-04-01 US Submitted Dept
HIST 168 2008-04-02 CV Approved GEAC
HIST 168 2008-04-02 US Approved GEAC
HIST 168 2008-05-08 CV Approved UCC
HIST 168 2008-05-08 US Approved UCC
HIST 168 2008-09-11 CV Approved Senate Does not appear in Senate minutes, but does apperar in BOT minutes.
HIST 168 2008-09-11 US Approved Senate Does not appear in Senate minutes, but does apperar in BOT minutes.