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1 Proposal: number 183

183. SPAN 053: Don Quixote in Translation

This is a new course

Contact:Barbara Simerka
Abstract:In this course, students will study Don Quixote as the first modern and
postmodern novel. Students will learn to apply the disciplinary norms of
reading literature including both close reading (aesthetic components; genre
study, narratology) and contemporary approaches to literary and cultural
theory. They will analyze Don Quixote in an interdisciplinary context of early
modern Spanish history and culture including early modern imperialism, the
expulsion of Jews and Moors from Spain; the rise of urban society, the
invention of the printing press and new genres of leisure reading, and
mercantile economic structures. They will also explore the ways in which Don
Quixote has been used as a cultural touchstone by authors, philosophers and
film makers to support a wide variety of cultural discourses over the past two
centuries. Finally, students will consider the processes through which a text
becomesСand remainsСa canonical masterpiece and the role of
ТmasterworksУ within the liberal arts and larger society.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
SPAN 053 2010-12-02 RL Submitted Dept
SPAN 053 2010-12-02 ET Submitted Dept
SPAN 053 2010-12-02 PI Submitted Dept
SPAN 053 2010-12-08 RL Approved GEAC Did not act on PI
SPAN 053 2010-12-08 ET Approved GEAC Did not act on PI
SPAN 053 2011-02-10 RL Approved UCC Missing PI
SPAN 053 2011-02-10 ET Approved UCC Missing PI
SPAN 053 2011-03-10 RL Approved Senate Missing PI
SPAN 053 2011-03-10 ET Approved Senate Missing PI
SPAN 053 2011-03-11 PI Approved Senate Added PI