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1 Proposal: number 184

184. HTH 101-102: Freshman Humanities Colloquium

Contacts:E. Gordon Whatley
Helen Gaudette
Authors:E. Gordon Whatley
Helen Gaudette
Abstract:Course Description: Honors in the Humanities 101 and 102 (the Freshman
Humanities Colloquium), are General Education Perspectives courses that provide
an intensive and extensive grounding in the critical analysis of texts,
including plays and poetry, but also prose fiction and some key philosophical
works of the Western tradition from the ancient world through the modern age.
By focusing on close reading and careful attention to the text, these courses
consider the ancient and ongoing importance of the imagination, figurative
language, and self-expression in human society over time. Two types of
knowledge are explored: the knowledge offered by the texts themselves as works
of literary art, and the knowledge gained by the study of canonical works
reflecting important social and philosophical ideas. As we read and discuss the
texts, we consider not only their immediate historical and cultural contexts,
but also their continuing resonance across time, place, and language.
As in other courses under the rubric of ТReading Literature,У students in
this course sequence will become familiar with the disciplinary norms
associated with literary reading. They will learn to pay close attention to
language and be familiar with the reasons for the writerХs particular choice
of language. They will learn how the writer uses the techniques and elements of
literature and the particular resources of genre to create meaning. They will
learn how texts differ from one another and how they interact with the larger
society and its historical changes

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
HTH 101 2010-12-06 RL Submitted Dept
HTH 101 2010-12-06 ET Submitted Dept
HTH 101 2010-12-06 PI Submitted Dept
HTH 102 2010-12-06 RL Submitted Dept
HTH 102 2010-12-06 ET Submitted Dept
HTH 102 2010-12-06 PI Submitted Dept
HTH 102 2011-04-06 RL Approved GEAC RL only
HTH 102 2011-04-14 RL Approved UCC RL only