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1 Proposal: number 189

189. MUSIC 028: Introduction to World Music

Contacts:David Racanelli
Janice Smith
Authors:David Racanelli
Janice Smith
Abstract:In the discipline of this course, ethnomusicology, questions are asked and answered from a number of perspectives that integrate the analysis of sound, behavior, and conception. ТMusicУ is always considered within varying cultural contexts and is viewed as an expression of human experience and communication. Historically, this hybrid discipline has combined the areas of music history, theory, cognition, linguistics, and anthropology. It has been grounded in fieldwork and has focused upon the folk-music traditions of Europe and North America, and non-Western practices. This course emphasizes the context of musical experience in the worldХs cultures, whereby the values and social structures of societies are examined as they continuously change. Through comparison, unity is discovered in the worldХs diversity. ТMusicУ is not a universal language, but rather a cultural universal. Students will engage the material through in-class performances, demonstration, and analysis and will gain a comprehensive understanding of the world’s music. Writing assignments, including a term paper, oral presentations, and exams (aural and written), will determine if students have learned to understand ТmusicУ in global terms, which is the courseХs primary learning goal or objective. The syllabus is organized as an itinerary that students will use to plan their ТtripУ through the worldХs musical soundscapes.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
MUSIC 028 2011-03-31 AP Submitted Dept
MUSIC 028 2011-03-31 WC Submitted Dept
MUSIC 028 2011-10-05 AP Approved GEAC
MUSIC 028 2011-10-05 WC Approved GEAC
MUSIC 028 2011-10-13 AP Approved UCC
MUSIC 028 2011-10-13 WC Approved UCC
MUSIC 028 2011-11-10 AP Approved Senate
MUSIC 028 2011-11-10 WC Approved Senate