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1 Proposal: number 198

198. PSCI 210: American State and Local Government

Contact:Alex Reichl
Abstract:Presently in political science there is no consensus on ‘how data and evidence are constructed and
evidence acquired.’ In fact there is a deep methodological divide in the discipline between those
who favor qualitative research methods, such as fine-grained case studies, and those who embrace
quantitative research or formal modeling (along the lines of economics). In this course we draw
primarily on qualitative research (single and small-sample case studies) because it is an effective
way to illustrate the different characteristics of politics/government in different states and
localities. This, in turn, serves a central goal of the course, which is demonstrating how and why
politics/government matters at the sub-national level.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
PSCI 210 2011-10-03 SS Submitted Dept
PSCI 210 2011-10-03 US Submitted Dept
PSCI 210 2011-10-05 SS Approved GEAC
PSCI 210 2011-10-05 US Approved GEAC
PSCI 210 2011-10-13 SS Approved UCC
PSCI 210 2011-10-13 US Approved UCC
PSCI 210 2011-11-10 SS Approved Senate
PSCI 210 2011-11-10 US Approved Senate