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1 Proposal: number 3

3. ENGL 162/162W: Literature and Place

This is a new course

Contact:Thomas Frosch
Abstract:How do places, with their history, traditions, myths, customs, tensions, social
structures, and physical form, interact with people’s lives? This course uses
literature to deepen our understanding of the rich, complex, and varied
engagement between human beings and the places they inhabit and imagine.
Specific sections will focus on a particular city, neighborhood, or region or
on a topic such as City and Country, Women and the Black Diaspora, Utopia, the
Literature of the Sea, Elizabethan London, the American West, Colonies,
Imaginary Places, Homelessness, or Outer Space. Readings may include fiction,
drama, poetry, life writing, and nonfiction.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ENGL 162 2008-01-03 RL Submitted Dept
ENGL 162 2008-03-05 RL Approved GEAC
ENGL 162 2008-04-10 RL Approved UCC
ENGL 162 2008-05-08 RL Approved Senate
ENGL 162W 2008-01-03 RL Submitted Dept
ENGL 162W 2008-03-05 RL Approved GEAC
ENGL 162W 2008-04-10 RL Approved UCC
ENGL 162W 2008-05-08 RL Approved Senate