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1 Proposal: number 4

4. URBST 101: Urban Poverty and Affluence

Contact:Leonard Rodberg
Abstract:This course introduces students to the multidisciplinary field of urban
studies, investigating why cities are places of economic and political
opportunity for some but not for others. Compares major social scientific
models and methods for studying urban poverty and inequality, and explores the
major social, political, and economic forces that shape U.S. cities. Special
attention is paid to the existence of inequalities based on race, class,
ethnicity, gender, and/or sexuality, and to the analysis of proposals to reduce
these inequalities.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
URBST 101 2008-01-15 SS Submitted Dept
URBST 101 2008-01-15 US Submitted Dept
URBST 101 2008-02-06 SS Approved GEAC
URBST 101 2008-02-06 US Approved GEAC
URBST 101 2008-03-13 SS Approved UCC
URBST 101 2008-03-13 US Approved UCC
URBST 101 2008-04-10 SS Approved Senate
URBST 101 2008-04-10 US Approved Senate