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1 Proposal: number 55

55. FREN 250: French Cinema

Contact:David Andrew Jones
Abstract:This course will focus on the study of the contributions of French filmmakers
to the art form of cinema. Students will learn the history of cinema in
France, and will study the innovations introduced by French filmmakers.
Students will learn to make more informed aesthetic judgments, and will train
their critical faculties in a way that will help them better understand all
forms of visual media--including plastic arts, television, advertising, and the
internet. This course meets the aims of the Appreciating and Participating in
the Arts section of the PLAS by training students in the “skills of observing
and listening to…and appreciating and understanding the creative arts,” thereby
helping students to “develop awareness of the role of these arts in human

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
FREN 250 2008-08-29 AP Submitted Dept
FREN 250 2008-08-29 ET Submitted Dept
FREN 250 2008-10-14 AP Approved GEAC
FREN 250 2008-10-14 ET Approved GEAC
FREN 250 2008-11-13 AP Approved UCC
FREN 250 2008-11-13 ET Approved UCC
FREN 250 2009-04-02 AP Approved Senate
FREN 250 2009-04-02 ET Approved Senate