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1 Proposal: number 83

83. DRAM 100: Introduction to Acting

Contact:Charles Repole
Abstract:Introduction to Acting, 3 hr.; 3 cr. A course
intended for non majors or beginners in theatre with no previous training or
experience, and for the majors who intend to take a single course in acting to
fulfill the major requirement.Introduces all aspects of acting,
including philosophy and different methods; physical, sensory, and emotional
work;improvisations; theatre games; monologues; characterizations; scene study;
script interpretation; performing and working relationship with director.
Students intending to take more than one course in acting must take Drama 121
instead of or in addition to, this course (H2)

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
DRAM 100 2008-09-08 AP Submitted Dept
DRAM 100 2009-02-04 AP Approved GEAC
DRAM 100 2009-03-12 AP Approved UCC
DRAM 100 2009-05-07 AP Approved Senate