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1 Proposal: number 89

89. ARTH 233: Naturalism and Art in Seventeenth-century Europe

This is a new course

Contact:Peggy Smyth
Abstract:ARTH 233. This course will examine the paintings, prints, and drawings on new,
secular subjects created in the seventeenth century in modern-day Belgium and
the Netherlands. These pictures have frequently been labeled “scenes of
everyday life” as a result of the naturalistic representational modes with
which they were crafted. We will devote attention to naturalism as a style and
as an aesthetic, and interrogate its role in the critical debates over the
meaning of these images. We will explore why an aesthetic rooted in everyday
reality was consciously cultivated, and how cultural factors such as a newly
proclaimed national independence,increasing secularization, the growing role of
observation in the sciences, and a capitalist economy engaged in global trade
shaped the new art of the period. The legacies of seventeenth-century Dutch and
Flemish art are deep and far-reaching; indeed, the course aims to connect the
art and cultural context of the period with our own highly visual culture that
is also often secularized, commodified, and intensely naturalistic.

Submissions and Approvals

Course Date Requirement Action By Whom Notes
ARTH 233 2008-09-10 AP Submitted Dept
ARTH 233 2008-09-10 ET Submitted Dept
ARTH 233 2008-11-05 AP Approved GEAC
ARTH 233 2008-11-05 ET Approved GEAC
ARTH 233 2008-12-04 AP Approved UCC
ARTH 233 2008-12-04 ET Approved UCC
ARTH 233 2009-02-05 AP Approved Senate
ARTH 233 2009-02-05 ET Approved Senate